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December, 2013 Roundup: What's New on Our Website This Month?

By December 31, 2013

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New Free Online Crochet Class!

By far, I think the most exciting thing I've been working on lately is my new free online class called "Learn to Crochet in One Week." The class is available to anyone who has a valid email address.

If you sign up for the class, each lesson will be emailed to you in sequential order -- one lesson each day for a week. If you keep up with the lessons and do your homework for each day, at the end of the week, you'll know how to do the basic crochet stitches, and you'll be crocheting fun and useful projects too. You get to choose which projects you make.

I posted a shopping list for the class, explaining which supplies you need for making your projects. The supplies are the only costs you'll run into; I will provide you with all the lessons, instructions and patterns for free.

I hope the class will prove to be a great way for new crocheters to learn the craft, but I have to say that it isn't totally a necessity. If you want to learn how to crochet, everything you need is already accessible on our website. So if you just want to go at your own pace without the structure of a class, feel free to do that as well.

Double Crochet

Here's another page aimed at new crocheters. This is a new hub featuring all kinds of links, patterns and resources on the topic of double crochet.

The rest of my new pages this month are intended for people who already know how to crochet, although I hope they'll be inspiring to new and aspiring crocheters as well.

23 Crochet Blanket Ideas

So, you want to make a blanket. Need some ideas? We've got plenty of 'em to show you. You're invited to take a peek!

Single Crochet Triangle Pattern

If you need a solid triangle to use as either an applique or a building-block-type element for constructing other projects, this one is a fantastic pattern to consider using.

New Christmas Patterns

Since this month was Christmas, we added some brand new Christmas patterns to our growing collection. Christmas is over and done with for this year, but if you celebrate Christmas, it's never to early to get started on next year's Christmas projects. Maybe you could hit the after-Christmas sales, load up on some cheap supplies, and get started!

Or not...

Either way, you're invited to grab the free patterns so you'll have 'em in your pattern stash when you do get around to working on Christmas designs again.

Christmas Tree Applique

Christmas Tree Applique - Photo  Amy Solovay Christmas Tree Applique - Photo Amy Solovay

This Christmas tree applique is a quick project that really allows you to express your creativity, especially when you embellish and decorate it.

Christmas Tree Ornament

Next year, you could deck your halls with little Christmas trees. I intended these to be tree ornaments, but you can also hang them from mantlepieces, kitchen cabinets, or doorknobs (assuming you make the hanging loop long enough to fit around the doorknob, that is.)

Christmas Crochet Cupcake Potholders

Christmas Crochet Cupcake Potholders - Photo  Amy Solovay Christmas Crochet Cupcake Potholders - Photo Amy Solovay

I just finished a new variation of my cupcake pattern. It's a cute potholder with a cupcake design.

This potholder features a red and green border with a loop for hanging. Feel free to make it in other colors if you'd rather make yours for year-around use.

Christmas Gift Basket -- Free Crochet Pattern

While I made my sample basket in Christmas colors, with the intention of using it as a gift basket, it wouldn't take much effort to re-purpose the design in other ways. To make it into a basket for everyday use, just skip the red green and white color scheme and crochet the basket in gold yarn, or tan, or brown...or any color that matches the decor in the room where you'd like to use it.


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