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Amy Solovay

What Can You Do With Two Basic Crochet Stitches?

By January 6, 2014

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Pink Baby Blanket Crocheted Using Two Basic Stitches, the Chain Stitch and the Single Crochet Pink Baby Blanket Crocheted Using Two Basic Stitches, the Chain Stitch and the Single Crochet - Photo © Amy Solovay

Most new crocheters start off by learning the chain stitch. Chaining is fun! But when the chain is the only stitch you know, it's hard to think of interesting projects to make.

Next, you might learn the single crochet stitch. Now you're talking!

After you've mastered both the chain stitch and the single crochet stitch, there are bunches of different projects you can crochet. In fact, you could crochet dozens or even hundreds of projects without learning any other stitches beyond those two.

So, here's my point: If you think you have to learn zillions of different crochet stitches in order to make cool stuff with crochet, I invite you to rethink that. Of course, if you haven't yet learned all your basic crochet stitches, you'll certainly want to do so eventually...because when you know them all, it opens up even more interesting and amazing possibilities. It's fun to learn bunches of stitches, and it's fun to use them all, but you don't have to do it all in the beginning. It's perfectly fine to take your time and work through things slowly.

To those of you who are beginners, realize this: you gotta start somewhere. Why not make the most of what you either already know (if you've already learned some of the basics) or can learn quickly (if you haven't.) And for goodness sakes, don't stress about all the stuff you don't know yet. There's no need to do that. You can live in the moment, and enjoy each stitch!

With that in mind, you're invited to check out some of our super-simple patterns designed to utilize only those two easy peasy stitches, the chain and the single crochet:

I hope you'll enjoy these patterns, and that you'll enjoy the process of learning how to crochet. Happy stitching!


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