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Discover What's New At Crochet.About.com This Month: Valentine Designs and More

By January 31, 2014

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January 31, 2014 Edition

I've been busy, busy, busy this month, crocheting, writing patterns, testing new patterns, tweaking colorways, appliqueing little crocheted doodads to anything that isn't nailed down, and updating my web pages here to add lots and lots of new pattern links. I've also been working on crocheting bunches of patterns by other crochet pattern designers too. I can't wait to show you all the new things that are going on here! I hope you'll be inspired to grab some new patterns for your own future use, and that you'll find plenty of new insights, as well as new techniques to try.

New Crochet Heart Appliques

I updated our list of crochet hearts to include links to two brand new heart applique patterns: this basic crochet heart applique, and this small crochet heart applique.

New Sunflower Designs

I designed several different crocheted sunflowers this month. So far, one of them is available as a free pattern on our website: this easy crochet sunflower applique. I have several other sunflower patterns in testing, so if you love these beautiful blooms, be sure to check back in the coming months to see even more sunflower designs.

New Granny Square Patterns

This month I also added two new patterns to our list of free crochet granny square patterns. The first new pattern is a 3d Flower Granny Square,and the second is a plainer coordinating pattern that's exactly the same size: the Simple Rows and Rounds Granny Square. I was thinking "baby projects" when I originally designed these, but since then I've come up with bunches of other ideas for using them that are completely different and have nothing to do with babies. So, point being, these are versatile designs, and hopefully you can get plenty of mileage out of 'em -- babies or no babies.

Coming Next Month: Shortcuts to Crochet Design -- Stay tuned for some new instructions for how to design your own crochet projects using small granny squares like these. The upcoming article was inspired by the little grannies I posted this month (although you can certainly use other squares, you won't be limited to using these specific designs.) These small squares are really inspiring to me, and I've been drawing out bunches of different ideas for turning them into fun projects. I hope you'll check back in a few days to see the instructions and try your hand at designing your own easy projects. If all goes according to plan, you'll see a blog post about 'em posted right here in my crochet blog on February 2, 2014, at around 8:00 pm (Eastern Time.) Please do check back!

If you're a subscriber to my crochet newsletter, you've already had a little preview of the instructions, because I sent out an abbreviated version of them in last week's newsletter. However, after I thought a little more about them and used them in my own projects some more, I revised and expanded them to include some more detailed information that I think will be helpful to y'all. So, if you don't get around to coming back to this blog, but you're a newsletter subscriber, no worries, you won't miss seeing the updates. I'll be sending you the link to the new instructions in next Monday's newsletter.

Rounding Out Our Page of Crochet Techniques

Can a page featuring information about crochet techniques ever really be complete, considering that crocheters are inventing, discovering, and / or re-discovering new crochet techniques all the time? I'm mulling this over, and welcome your thoughts on the matter -- you're invited to comment if you like. Either way, our page of crochet techniques is one step closer to completion with a recent addition of this article on the topic of crocheting with wire. I've already posted plenty of free wire crochet jewelry patterns, but it was about time I wrote down some general insights covering the most important things I've learned about this fascinating, and complex, technique.

New Crochet Book Reviews

On a daily, or at least near-daily basis, I get emails and comments that start out something like this: "Do you know where I can find a crochet pattern for...?" Y'all have diverse and fascinating interests, and I try as hard as I can to keep up with what it is that you're interested in crocheting -- and where to find appropriate patterns that y'all might like to work on. So with that in mind, I'm always checking out new crochet books, and sharing my discoveries with you as well.

A couple of lovely books that I want to let you know about:

This month, I reviewed both of these books for our website, sharing what I liked and didn't like about each. I've begun crocheting patterns from both of these books, so I'm writing about them from actual experience -- which to me always makes a difference when I read other peoples' reviews of craft books. Unfortunately I don't have finished projects to show you yet, but you know I'll be sure to show you any finished objects if / when they happen.

Are Antimacassars Making a Comeback?

From the mailbag this month, a reader emailed me to ask, "Do you know how to crochet an armrest?" Until then, this had been a not-so-frequently-asked question around here. As far as I know, these haven't been trendy since 1930something. I was surprised, however, to receive similar questions from several different readers in quick succession afterwards.

OK, trend-watchers, let's keep an eye on this one to see whether this is a new craze-in-the-making, or just an interesting fluke.

So that's the scoop on what's new around here -- now you're updated! Please be sure to check back soon, because next month you'll find even more fantastic crochet inspiration right here on our website.

Best wishes,


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