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The Linens We Love for Romantic Occasions

By February 10, 2014

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It's early in the day on a romantic occasion, perhaps Valentine's Day, or a birthday, or a special anniversary. You're dining in this year, so you've got some savory-smelling dishes in the oven and on the stove. You're about to set the table, and you want the mood to be enchanting. So you reach for...


I'm curious to know what, exactly, it is it that you reach for.

Since most of us are crocheters here, and we've gathered at this website to discuss crochet, let's skip the chatter about flatware and barware and stemware, and cut right to the important stuff: the linens.

Which linens do you grab when you want to strike a romantic mood?

A fancy tablecloth?

A table runner?



Something else?

I stuck all the possibilities I could think of off the top of my head into this poll:

You're invited to vote and let us know what your favorites are. I set up the poll so you can choose multiple answers, in case you like to use -- for example -- doilies and a table runner together.

Unfortunately, the poll won't show us which pieces you use together. It isn't that sophisticated -- sorry. So if you have a special combination that you like to use together, please do let us know about it in the comments section.

Also, if I missed making a poll entry for something important that you use in your romantic place settings, please do mention it in a comment. Thanks!

I really appreciate your participation, and I'll be interested to see what y'all have to say.

Free Patterns for Romantic Table Settings

Crochet Heart Coasters

This poll was inspired by my new heart-shaped coasters. I just made these today and haven't had a chance to use them yet, so I don't have any actual pictures of them in action. I have a picture in my mind of how I want the table setting to look, but we'll see if it works out that way. I'm thinking something sort of like this...

Table Setting With Crochet Placemat and Napkin Ring

...only no green for this setting -- everywhere you see green, imagine there being red instead.

At any rate, the heart pattern is available on our website for you to use, so please don't wait around for me and my crazy ideas...feel free to make these and run with your own creative vision for what to use them with.

More Table-Setting Links

P.S. Yes, I do know that "napkin rings" technically aren't a "linen," but I included them in the poll because I crochet all of mine.

The floor is totally open for comments, so please feel free to discuss.


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