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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the links below go to helpful and interesting messages on our Crochet Forum. If you're not a member of the Forum, you'll enter as a guest (that just means that you can read but not post). The links below will take you straight to each post. Enjoy!

Afghan Rows Keep Getting Shorter. What's wrong? It's easy to accidentally skip the last stitch of a row, making each row one stitch shorter than the last. New crocheters may want to count the stitches in each row, to be sure they're ending up with the correct amount. After getting used to the look of the last stitch and no longer accidentally skipping it, counting all stitches in each row is no longer necessary.
OHJODI's hint for making it easier to find (and not accidentally skip) the last stitch of a row:

Selling Items: Textile Labeling Laws - Many USA crocheters thinking of selling their crocheted items may not be aware of these government regulations. Where to get a booklet for Stuffed Toy Regulations too.

Selling Items: What sells well at a bazaar?

Selling Items With Trademarked Characters: Can You? - What about selling items that you make from copyrighted patterns? And what about using trademarked characters?

Skid-proof Slipper Soles - Suggestions for ways to make crocheted slipper bottoms into non-skid.

Starching - What to use for stiffening your thread projects, that will hold up in humid weather.

Two Strands of Yarn - Confused about crocheting using two strands of yarn held together throughout?

Winding Yarn Into Balls - Pulling thread from the middle of the skein versus from around it ... and methods of winding yarn into balls.

How to attach a photo to your forum post: http://forums.about.com/ab-crochet/messages?lgnF=y&msg=8932.1

From the Mailbag

Looking for The Crochet Diploma Course

Email Question: "Someone told me that there is a crochet course class that you can take and receive a diploma. I'd like to find out all I can about it. Can you help me?"

My answer: Here's a link for the crochet course class that you were asking about: http://www.crochet.co.uk/diploma/index.html

It is at the site Crochet Design by Pauline Turner. The course is called International Diploma in Crochet, with three diploma levels. It is based in the United Kingdom but the course can also be ordered by crocheters in other countries.

What To Do When Words Beside An Image Are Covering The Image

Click on the "refresh" button at the top of your browser and when the page reloads, the words should be appearing beside the image, where they're supposed to be.

LA Times Talks About Pattern Swappers

LA Times article about those who swap copyrighted patterns illegally via the Internet. This article talks about publishers and designers gathering evidence to take legal action against pattern swappers. It also tells how publishers have had their attorneys send cease-and-desist orders to Internet Service Providers that host web sites where that webmaster has illegally posted copyrighted patterns.
"Is Stitch Online a Crime" Article

Another pattern company went beyond cease-and-desist. They sued a couple for posting copyrighted patterns on their web site. They settled out of court but the couple's computers and scanners were seized. The couple said they were unaware that they couldn't share patterns. Wouldn't you rather be in the know? There are links below where you can learn answers to your copyright questions, so you will know what would be a copyright violation. There are myths floating around, so be sure you have the right facts.
Crafters Sued For Copyright Violations

Questions about copyrights? See U.S. Government Copyright Office - http://www.loc.gov/copyright
US Gov Copyright FAQ - http://www.loc.gov/copyright/faq.html
Copyright Myths Explained - http://www.templetons.com/brad/copymyths.html

Info Needed When Selling Crochet

Textile Labeling Laws
Many USA crocheters thinking of selling their crocheted items may not be aware of these government regulations. Where to get a booklet for Stuffed Toy Regulations too.

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