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Crocheted Stained Glass Towel Topper

Original Pattern by Sandi Marshall

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Worsted Weight Yarn; Suggested colors: A - Bright Blue, B - Green, C - Yellow, D - Red, E - Purple, F - Royal Blue. Solid black squares on the graph = black yarn. By all means, choose your own color scheme. This is a good project for using left-over bits of yarn.

Alternate suggested color: Red Heart Color # 302 Kaleidoscope This is a variegated yarn in vibrant colors. Using it for all the color sections A - F is a wonderful effect. Solid black squares on the graph = black yarn.

Photo of this Towel Topper made with Red Heart Kaleidoscope yarn:

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For Larger Photo

Size G Crochet Hook

Guage: 4 stitches = 1 inch, 4 rows = 1 inch

ch .....chain
dc.....double crochet
sc......single crochet
st, sts.......stitch; stitches


At end of each row, you will chain 1 to turn.

Each time that there is one less stitch shown on the graph at beginning and at end of a row, you will make decreases by single crocheting first two stitches together and last two stitches together in that row.

The graph begins with row 1.

With black yarn, chain 32.
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in ea ch across. (31 sc)
Row 2 - 3: sc in ea st across.
Row 4: This row is worked in the back loop only of ea st. Follow graph for color placement. With black, sc first two st tog for a dec. Following color pattern, sc across (in back loops only) to last two sts, sc last two sts tog.

The remaining rows are worked in both loops, unless otherwise noted.

Continue to follow pattern graph. At end of the graph, with 5 stitches remaining, work 17 more rows of sc in black yarn. Next:
BUTTONHOLE ROW:(ch 2 to turn), dc in first two st, ch 1, dc in last two st.
Next row: sc first two st tog, sc in the ch 1 of previous row, sc in last two st.
Next row: sc first two st tog, sc in last st.
Last row: sc two st tog. End off.

Bottom Flap
Attach black yarn to end of row 4. Working in the remaining front loop, sc across.
Next two rows: sc in ea st across. End off.

Outside edging:
Attach black yarn at end of row 4. Sc in end of row 5 and continue to sc in end of each row around towel topper, ending with end of row 4 on the opposite side. End off.

Weave in yarn ends. Sew on button at about row 30.

Preparing towel
Cut towel in half.
Using hand or machine sewing, make a gathering stitch about 1/4 inch from unfinished edge of towel. Gather top of towel to fit within the bottom flaps of the towel topper. Gathering stitches should be hidden between the two bottom flaps. Pin in place and sew together. The easiest method is to sew the back flap down first, by hand or machine; then sew the front flap. This way you can position the front flap to cover any stitches that might be showing from sewing the back flap in place.

Copyright: This is a copyrighted pattern. Please note:
This pattern is free for your own personal use only. Per copyright law, this pattern may not be sold or redistributed in any form (even for free). All rights reserved worldwide.

copyright 1997 Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc. If others would like to have the pattern, please give them the URL of this page, or the URL of my Free Charts Index so that they may come here for themselves. Thank you.

URL of this page is http://crochet.about.com/blstgtp.htm

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