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How to Do a Treble or Triple Stitch
From your Crochet Guide

The US treble is the next basic stitch (in length) after the double crochet. The abbreviation is tr. It's used when a long stitch is needed within a crochet design.

Difficulty Level: Easy    Time Required: 5 minutes

Here's How:
  1. Yarn over hook twice, then insert hook into next stitch.
  2. Yarn over hook and draw yarn through stitch - (there are four loops on the hook).
  3. Loop yarn over hook and draw through two loops, (there are now three loops remaining on the hook).
  4. Yarn over hook and draw through two loops.
  5. Again, loop yarn over hook and draw through the last two loops on the hook (there is now one loop remaining.)
  6. This completes one treble crochet.


  1. At the end of a row of treble crochet, you would chain 4 to turn.
  2. The treble is often used when crocheting in the remaining loop (loop made when a stitch is done in back loop only) of a stitch which is several rows below.
  3. The treble is also often used when crocheting a front post or back post stitch around the post of a stitch which is several rows below.

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