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Free Pattern Sites
Sites that have posted free crochet patterns. It's important to note that even if no copyright notice appears on a page, under current law, the contents of that web page are still protected by copyright (this also includes any images). The rule of thumb for free patterns is to print one copy for your own personal use and not to further copy or distribute that free pattern to others, unless you first receive written permission from the designer to do so. If others want the pattern, you can give them the URL of that page so they can go to that site for themselves. Following these simple guidelines will make it much more likely that free patterns will continue to be posted for your enjoyment.

100 Crochet
A listing that rotates. Many of the sites have free crochet patterns posted.

A Crafter Heaven
Free Patterns for scrunchie, potholder, afghan, coin purse and more.

Ain't That Cute
Different styles of crocheted button necklaces.

Alorna's Pattern Page
Free patterns for a crocheted hammock, scrunchies, child's fisherman sweater and more.

Beadwrangler's Bead and Fiber Junction
Crochet projects, including crocheting with beads.

Bernat's Free Patterns
Both knit and crochet patterns on this page; some of the crochet patterns are for a sunflower dishcloth, several afghans.

Brenda Beckman
Cluster Rug pattern online.

Busy Fingers
Round afghan pattern; photos are on this page, with a link to the free pattern.

Carol Duvall Show
Patterns for neck pillow, apple string holder, baby toy, golf club sock, 4" pumpkin, soap cover, ski hat.

Catherine's Free Patterns
A list of free patterns.

Celtic Alphabet
From Celtic Cross Stitch, in Ireland: Online chart generator creates names or any other text; intended for cross-stitch (over single crochet or afghan stitch); or use for filet crochet.

Chalet Crochet Patterns
A 3 inch Holiday Basket Decoration, made with thread.

Clever Creations
Crochet Bunny Pin pattern online here.

Cosy Place
Double crochet hat.

Craftn' Crazy
Hot Air Balloon, Snowflake, Granny Square Afghan.

Craft Yarn Council
Both knit and crochet patterns are listed on this page. You'll find patterns for afghans, popcorn pillow, a crocheted screen and more.

Tubby Dollie (similar to a teletubby).

Creative Corner
Crochet Pendant Purse, to be dressed up with a fancy button.

Crochet Cache
Christmas patterns, crocheted cord, leg warmers, crocheted vase and many more.

The Crochet Collection
Lots of patterns!

Crochet Fantasy Magazine Online
See "Free Project" and "Project Archive" links.

Crochet ... Gotta Love It!
Edgings, flowers, bookmarks, filet crochet.

(Click on Free Patterns link in left hand column.) Kitchen Angel Doll, Mini Christmas Stocking, Scrunchies.

Crochet Kim
Free patterns mixed in on pages with patterns for sale.

Crochet Legacy
Click on "Free Patterns" link in left-hand column for loopy baby booties pattern.

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