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Free Patterns Listed by Category
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Links to free crochet patterns, listed by category to make it easier for you to find the type you're looking for. It's important to note that even if no copyright notice appears on a page, under current law, the contents of that web page are still protected by copyright (this also includes any images). The rule of thumb for free patterns is to print one copy for your own personal use and not to further copy or distribute that free pattern to others, unless you first receive written permission from the designer to do so. If others want the pattern, you can give them the URL of that page so they can go to that site for themselves. Following these simple guidelines will make it much more likely that free patterns will continue to be posted for your enjoyment.

Afghan Free Patterns
This page lists category titles; each one takes you to a page with links to the free patterns within that afghan category.

Afghan Square Free Patterns
Divided by size; links to free 5", 6", 7" and 8" afghan square patterns.

Alphabet Free Charts
Links to many styles and sizes of free alphabet charts. Useful for creating your own filet crochet name doily charts or for cross stitching letters or numbers on a crocheted background.

Angel Free Patterns
It's amazing how many different types of angel patterns are available! Check out these links to free angel patterns.

Animal Free Patterns
Links to free patterns that have an animal within the design.

Baby Bibs and Booties Free Patterns
Links to a variety of free patterns for bibs and booties.

Baby Clothes Free Patterns
Links to free patterns for baby sweaters, hats, mittens, layette sets.

Links to free patterns around the Web for a variety of baskets to crochet.

Bathroom Decor and Accessories
Free pattern links for bathroom accessory items to crochet, such as a back scrubber, tissue roll covers, soap savers, washcloths and so forth.

Bed Doll Free Patterns
Links to a variety of beautiful bed dolls to crochet.

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