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Year 2005 With Hearts Design
Charted For Filet or Cross-Stitch

An original, designed by Sandi Marshall

Click On The Filet Crochet Example
To Go To The Free Chart Page:

If the year 2005 was a special year for you, you might enjoy crocheting this design to commemorate the memories of that year. This Year 2005 design has a hearts border and would be pretty used as a wall hanging, pillow front or as part of an afghan.

Another idea would be to combine it with the Hearts Border With Blank Center (with initials added) to celebrate a new baby's birth year.

I've placed the chart and instructions for filet crochet on a printer-friendly page. You could use this same chart to cross-stitch this design in solid color silhouette on a single crochet or an afghan stitch crocheted background.

To make a crocheted background (the same size as the number of squares and number of rows on the chart) to cross-stitch the design on, starting chain is 48 chains for a single crochet background or 47 chains for an afghan stitch background. Crochet 25 rows.

URL of this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/bl2005.htm

Year 2006 Free Chart
Love With Hearts Free Chart
Chart With Blank Center - To Add Initials

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