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Baby Chick Chart

From 1916 Richardson's Crochet
I saw this little baby chick filet crochet in a 1916 pattern book. It's just a simple shape but sometimes that's all you need for adding a little design or color to items like children's sweaters, hats or afghans.

There was no chart in the 1916 pattern book. The crocheter was expected to work from the photo of the finished square (shown above). So I charted it (revised a bit) to make it a little easier. Use the chart for cross stitch, crocheting colors in on a piece or for filet crochet.

Starting the Chart, for Filet Crochet: These instructions are for a four double crochet mesh. Chain 55 plus 3 (first dc of first row) plus 2 (the chain-2 of first open mesh). (This is a total starting chain of 60.) Start with a dc in the 9th chain from hook (first open mesh made). Follow chart.

Approximate Finished sizes:
Size 10 thread - US size 7 steel hook: 4.1" x 3.8"
Baby Weight Yarn - Size G hook: 12.6" x 10.8"
Sport Weight Yarn - Size G hook: 14.4" x 12.3"
Worsted Weight Yarn - Size I hook: 16.2" x 13.8"

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How-to's here: http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa052398.htm

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