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Where to Find Free Patterns for Cloche Style Hats

Please note that the following patterns are at other sites on the Internet (they are not my patterns, they were designed by other people and are at other web sites, not affiliated with crochet.about.com. These links are listed here for your convenience to make it easier for you to find cloche hat free patterns around the Internet). If you find that you have a question about a pattern that is on one of these other web sites, please contact the designer of that pattern at that other web site, as he or she can best answer your questions about the pattern which he or she designed.

After you have clicked on one of the links, you can see the URL of that web page at the top of your browser. Before the link, I also give the name of the web site at which the pattern is found.

Free Cloche Patterns on the Web:

At Janelle's Patterns: 4 Star Cloche and Cozy Cloche

At Joyful Abode Blog: Blue Star Cloche

Lion Brand Yarn Patterns: Crocheted Cloche and Ribbon and Flower Cloche

At Tepper Wear: Nubby Brim Cloche

At Crochet Me: Ribbon Weave Cloche

At Michaels Arts and Crafts: Swirl Cloche Hat

At Midnight Knitter: Crocheted Cloche Style Hat

History of The Cloche Hat:

Flapper Era Fashion 1920s - click on the link "Cloche Hats" in the list at the top of the page, which will scroll down the page for a paragraph named "Cloche Hats" with some information about cloche hats in the 1920s.

Vintage Fashion History - Talks about cloche cap wedding veils. Also, further down the page, there is some information about cloche hats in the twenties.

Other Hat Styles - Free Pattern Lists:
Hats For Children

Bookmark for this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/blcloche.htm
Links to this page are welcome. Thank you.

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