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Cluster Edging Step-by-Step Photo How-to

sc = single crochet, ch = chain
ea = each, sl st = slip stitch
st = stitch, dtr = double treble

Making a Double Treble Thread over hook 3 times, insert hook in stitch where dtr is to be worked, thread over hook, draw thread through stitch, * thread over hook, draw thread through two loops on hook **, repeat the directions between * and ** 3 times.

2000 S Marshall
Making a Cluster This pattern calls for clusters made with double treble stitches (clusters are made with various stitches). Ch 4, then in first stitch of this chain-4, work 2 double treble, keeping top loop of each on the hook and working the three loops off together, forming a cluster (the cluster consists of a chain-4 and 2 double treble).

copyright 2000 Sandi Marshall
Make the first cluster as described above. Next, work a chain 4 and 2 dtr in same manner in the top of the cluster just made. Repeat this until you have 4 clusters (each cluster worked in the top of the cluster before it). Photo at left shows 3 clusters completed and the chain-4 to start the 4th cluster.

copyright (c) 2000 Sandi Marshall
In end of the 4th cluster, make a triple picot (1st picot made of 4 chains, 2nd picot made of 5 chains, 3rd picot made of 4 chains) fastened in the top of the cluster. Picot = chain 4, slip stitch in base of chain 4 just made or where directions call for picot made with a chain 5: chain 5, slip stitch in base of chain 5 just made. Photo at left shows 2 picot completed with the chain-4 to make the 3rd picot.

copyright 2000 Sandi Marshall
Row 2 Make 2 more clusters in same manner as before.

copyright (c) 2000 Sandi Marshall
Fasten with slip stitch between 2nd and 3rd clusters made in previous row.

copyright (c) 2000 Sandi Marshall
Make 2 more clusters in same manner as before.

copyright (c) 2000 Sandi Marshall
Slip stitch in end (that's attached to doily) of first cluster made in previous row.

Next, work a single crochet in each of next 2, 3 or 4 single crochet of doily edge (number needed to have a space between clusters that will keep border flat; take care not to let it become too full). I found that I preferred working 4 sc between cluster rows; even 5 sc could work, depending on your crochet tension and size of thread used.

copyright 2000 Sandi Marshall

Row 3 Work 1 more cluster, slip stitch between the last 2 clusters of previous row.

Work 2 more clusters, slip stitch between the next two clusters of previous row; work 1 more cluster, make the triple picot in the top of this cluster.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 around doily.

2000 S Marshall
Click here for:
Free Pattern for Filet Center Doily Using This Cluster Edging
The pattern has different filet crochet centers you can choose from. On that pattern page, the above cluster edging instructions are given all together, in text form.

How to crochet trebles

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