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Free Original Crochet Patterns Designed by Sandi Marshall, Crochet Guide

These free patterns are on this site: crochet.about.com -

1795 American Flag Color Chart
1795 American Flag For Filet Crochet
Angel Bear Charted Design
Animal Potholders and Towel Toppers
Apple With Heart Center Chart
Bell Towel Topper
Bumblebee Charts, in Color and For Filet
Butterfly Afghan (Variety of Species)
"Butterfly Circle" Afghan (Color Charts)
Butterfly - Manto, in Color
Cardinal Bird Head Closeup Color Chart
Cathedral Windows Afghan Square
Celestial Edging
Celtic Knotwork Pillow
Christmas Elf Doll
Christmas Reindeer Head Ornament
Christmas Tree Towel Topper
Circular Dishcloth
Diamond Afghan Square
Dragonfly Filet Crochet Afghan
Easy Lacy Double Shells Scarf
Easy Lacy Shells Scarf
Eight-Point Star Cloth
Elf Hat Pencil Topper
Filet Butterfly Circle
Filet Butterfly - Ceylon Rose
Filet Butterfly - Manto

Filet Butterfly - Mexican Silverspot
Filet Butterfly - Necyria Manco
Filet Crochet Edging
Filet Crochet, Worked in Rounds
Filet Kerchief, "Diamond" Pattern
Filet "Night Shadows" Owl Chart
Granny Square Becomes Christmas
Granny Square Woven Chain Wrist Warmer
Halloween Bat-shaped Decoration
Halloween Black Widow Spider Chart
Halloween "Fantasy Bat" Banner
Halloween Ghost Wide Headband
Halloween Glowing Skull
Halloween Jolly Jack-O-Lantern Banner
Halloween Orange Trim and Ghost For Edging
Halloween Skull Shaped Applique
Halloween Spider Decoration
Halloween Wristlet With Skull
Halter Top, Easy (in Single Crochet)
Handbag (With Optional Dachshund Dog Theme)
Headbands in Solid Shell Stitch
Headband (Textured Winter)
Hearts Border Filet Chart
Heart Tablecloth or Bedspread
Knot Stitch Checkerboard Square
Lacy Afghan
Lacy Dishcloth
Lighthouse With American Flag Chart
Loop and Bar Lace Drawstring Bag
Mr. Pilgrim Teddy Bear Outfit
Mrs. Pilgrim Teddy Bear Outfit
Orange Vanilla Wrist Warmer
Panda Bear Baby Bib
Panels Lapghan/Afghan (Mile A Minute)
Pig Potholder and Towel Topper
Ruffling Project Part 1
Ruffling Project Part 2
Sachet Bag Pattern
Sandi Marshall Cape
Santa Cat Color Chart
Santa Cat Filet Crochet
SC/Longstitch Zigzag Repeat
Shawl Wrap In Openwork Lace and Blocks
Snowflake Christmas Afghan Square
Snowflake Scarf
Snow(cat)man Color Chart
Snowman Applique
Spring Flowers Handbag
Southwestern Duo Potholders
Stained Glass Towel Topper
Star Hot Pad
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear's Sundress
Textured Towel Topper
Texture Stripes UpDown Variation Square
Toy Pony Rocking Horse Design
Toy Zebra Rocking Horse Chart
Triangle Scarf Filet Repeat
Triangle Scarf Filet Rose Design
Tropical Fish Color Chart
Two More Spiders
UpDown And Openwork Texture Afghan Square
Vs and Fans Bookmark
Vs and Fans Drawstring Purse
Vs and Fans Window Square
Wrist Warmer With Pumpkin Design

Free Vintage Patterns on This Site - A wide variety of designs from the early 1900's. Crocheted beaded purse, edgings, tassels, doilies, clothing and more.

Free Charts on This Site for filet crochet or cross stitch. Many charts, with new charts added often. Listed by category, such as animals, birds, clothing, flowers and more.

A - Z Links to Free Crochet Patterns Around the Web, From Crochet at About.com

Bookmark for this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/blfreepatts2.htm

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