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Grapes and Leaves Edging Chart for Filet Crochet

Edging is shown sewn to the end of a linen table runner. Example was made with size 30 thread. On the example, the edges of the linen were roll-hemmed and edges were worked over with single crochet and picots.

There are 20 mesh in the first row, so to work the chart in a 4 dc mesh, starting chain is 61 plus chain 3 (which will count as first dc of first row). For a 3 dc mesh, starting chain is 41 plus chain 3 (which will count as first dc of first row). Begin following chart on bottom right-hand side of chart.

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How to Figure a Starting Chain in Filet Crochet

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Chart is from an issue of Star Needlework Journal, published in 1919.

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