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Easy Single Crochet Hat
Close-fitting Retro Pattern
1940s - 1950s Style

The ridge in contrasting color that's worked along the top center of this hat is optional. If you just want a plain close-fitting hat, leave off the optional finishing row. This is an easy to make hat, worked in single crochet.

Materials Required:

Original directions called for 1 skein Worsted Weight Yarn or 2 hanks soft Chenille, using a no. 4 bone crochet hook. (Try size G or H crochet hook.)

ch . . . chain
sc . . Single Crochet
dc . . Double Crochet
st . . . Stitch
sts . . Stitches
sl st .. Slip Stitch

Chain 3, join, work 6 sc in ring.
Row 2: Work 2 sc in each sc of row below.
Row 3: * Work 1 sc in first stitch and 2 sc in second st. * Repeat between * around row.
Row 4: * Work 1 sc in the first 2 sts, and 2 sc in the next st. * Repeat between * around row. Continue to increase in this manner until top of hat measures 6 inches across, work even for 2 1/2 inches; then work 1 row of contrasting color around.
Finishing: Optional Fold hat not quite in half and work 1 row of sc across with contrasting color, ch 1 turn * work 1 sc in the first 2 sts, chain 3. * Repeat between * across row.

My HTML arrangement of these pattern instructions (c) 1999 Sandi Marshall

URL of this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/blhat2.htm

If someone else wants the pattern please give them the URL of this page so that they can come here and explore everything this site has to offer, for themselves. Thank you.

The pattern and the hat photo are from F & K Bags, Hats, Mittens, Vol. 25 printed by F & K Yarn Co. (No copyright notice and no date of publication. Price printed on the cover is 20 cents. Circa 1940s.)

Info on Length of Copyright Term Protection for different eras. Copyright Info Links

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