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What's New ~ Crochet at About
January 17, 2001 - Vol. 4, No. 3

~ Textured Winter Headband Free Pattern
~ Heart (With Rose Center) Free Graph
~ Dutch Windmill Free Chart
~ New "It's All About Crochet" Online Jigsaw
~ New Free Pattern Links

---------------- Hot Picks ----------------

Crochet this stylish way to keep your ears warm in the cold winter air. There are links for learning how to do each type of stitch that's used in the pattern.

Textured Winter Headband Free Pattern:

----------- Free Charts ------------

Valentine's Day is coming up but this Heart (With Rose Center) graph, that I recently designed, will also be great for any time of the year. I've written instructions for the first few rows of the graph to help you get it started in filet crochet.

Heart (With Rose Center) Free Graph:

I've recharted the Dutch Windmill and added filet starting chain, written instructions for the first two rows to get you started, along with approximate finished sizes when made with various sizes of thread and weights of yarn.

Dutch Windmill Free Chart:

Index of All the Free Charts:

------- New Free Pattern Links ----------

Added to Six Inch Afghan Square Free Patterns:
Angels Around The World Square

Added to Women's Clothing Free Patterns:
Gloves, Women's
Summer Criss-Cross Top, Sophistication

Added to Kitchen Free Patterns:
Dishcloth, Fancy Frills
Dish Rag (Cro-hook)
Jar Lid Covers
Liquid Dish Soap Cover (a dress)
Scrub 'N Wipe

------------- Other New Links -------------

I've had some requests for a source for purchasing the following patterns. I've located online suppliers and listed them:

"Last Supper" Filet Crochet Pattern
"Lord's Prayer" Filet Crochet Pattern
"Psalm 23" Filet Crochet Pattern

Links added to Online Book and Pattern Sources:

---------------- In Closing -----------------

Coming Next: January "Cat of the Month" Chart

Have a great crochet week!

Until next time,
Sandi Marshall
About Crochet Guide
Homepage: http://crochet.about.com

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