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Crochet Notes Newsletter

What's New ~ Crochet at About
February 8, 2001 - Vol. 4, No. 6

~ Ceylon Rose Butterfly Free Pattern
~ New Long-Tailed Dragon Free Chart
~ New Free Pattern Links
~ Camel Crochet Book Source
~ Corner Start (Diagonal Crochet)
~ You're Talking About

---------------- Hot Picks ----------------

You can cross-stitch the lovely Ceylon Rose Butterfly on a crocheted background ... or work the design in filet crochet.

Ceylon Rose Butterfly Free Pattern:

----------- New Free Chart ------------

New! Long-Tailed Dragon Free Chart:

Index of All the Free Charts:

------- New Free Pattern Links ----------

Highlights of links newly added. A red "new" (for the next two weeks) will help you spot these additions quickly in the listings.

Added to Crochet For Men Free Patterns:
CD Wall Pockets
Palm Pilot Case
Sturdy Scrub Cloth (Use on Car)
Tie, Shell Stitch

Added to Kitchen Free Patterns:
Pot Scrubber, Nylon Netting
Recipe Card Holder

Added to Free Pillow Patterns:
Neck Pillow

Added to Baby Afghans Free Patterns:
Angel Baby
Noah's Ark Afghan

Added to Scrap/Leftover Yarn Projects Free Patterns:
Scrap 9-Patch Afghan
Scraps 'N Lace Afghan

For a list of all the free pattern categories, click on "Free Patterns List" (under the "Subjects" heading) on left-hand side of most pages on the http://crochet.about.com site.

--------- Other New Links -----------

Added to Book Sources:
Camel Crochet (books for purchase)

Added to Learn Stitches - Free on the Web:
Corner Start (Diagonal Crochet) - Step-by-step photos

-------- You're Talking About --------

Crocheters are discussing the book "Crocheting in Plain English" by Maggie Righetti. If you have it, is there something you would like to say about the book? Some that don't own it are finding this book at their local libraries, so they can take a look:

Crocheters are talking about helpful little tricks they use, in keeping track of the number of chains, when doing a long starting chain:

Forum member KYT777 talks about the differences between crochet thread sizes that she finds available in Sweden and American thread sizes. She'd like to know what thread sizes American crocheters like to work with the most. You'll find great posts here on thread brands and sizes that crocheters enjoy best.

------------- Search Box -------------

Remember the search box (that's at the top of most pages on my site) when you're looking for any type of crochet information or searching for a certain type of crochet pattern or how-to. It can be very handy in finding what you're looking for.

---------------- In Closing -----------------

Coming Next: Fast and Easy Crocheted Edging

Have a great crochet week!

Until next time,
Sandi Marshall
About Crochet Guide
Homepage: http://crochet.about.com

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