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How to Crochet a Picot
Plus Links to Free Patterns That Use Picots Within the Design

How To: A picot is made by crocheting a chain 3, chain 4, or chain 5, followed by a slip stitch in the same stitch just made. There can be a varying number of stitches used in between each picot.

I've placed a red circle around one of the picots in the photo at left. The photo is a closeup look at part of a Venetian Lace design (click on first link below, for the free Venetian Crochet pattern).

Venetian Style 1915 Collar Pattern and Lace Edging
Uses picots that are made with a chain 3.
Learn how to do some Venetian crochet; vintage collar and edging patterns in a Venetian style.

Seven-inch Tassel Pattern
Uses picots that are made with a chain 4.
Free vintage pattern for a seven-inch tassel. Fringe part is crocheted also, with an interesting top.

Cluster Edging Step-by-Step Photo How-to
A triple picot is crocheted on the end of each string of clusters in this edging. Each picot is made with a chain 4.
Step-by-step photos make it easier for you to learn how to make this crocheted cluster edging.

Love Knot Clothing Fashion Yoke with Roses
The edging of this yoke uses 3 picot made in the same stitch (a triple picot). Each of these individual picots are made with a chain 4.
Instructions to make a delicate yoke made with the crocheted knot stitch. Roses grace the front of this lovely yoke.

Butterfly Yoke in Filet Chart
Picots that are made with a chain 3 are used on the edging of this yoke.
Free chart for a filet crochet yoke with butterfly, designed in 1920 by Adeline Cordet.

Simple Filet Yoke
The yoke is finished with picots that are made with a chain 4, with two single crochet in between each picot.
Free charts to crochet a straight lace to sew to the top of a garment such as a tank top; also includes a chart for crocheted shoulder straps.

Doing a Lace Edging on Fabric
Picots are used on the last round, using either 3, 4 or 5 chains for each picot.
A vintage pattern that shows you how to crochet a pretty lace edging around a fabric circle.

1915 Finger-Purse Coin Purse instructions rewritten by Sandi Marshall in today's crochet terminology. Picots used on purse edging.

Fringed Edging
Picots are used around the top of the fringe and along the edging.

Where to Find Free Patterns on the Internet

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