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Pink Roses in a Vase Cross Stitch Chart

You are welcome to print out this chart for your own personal use. Enjoy!

I went over all the lines of this chart one by one with a line tool in a photo editing program because the original lines from the 1919 publication are a light gray and difficult to distinquish the squares of the chart, more so after being scanned. You might notice that not all the lines are perfectly spaced - that's the way they were in the 1919 publication.

Besides the traditional cross stitch on aida cloth, this chart would be suitable for cross stitch on a crocheted single crochet or afghan stitch background.

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Chart is from Book of Filet Crochet and Cross Stitch, Book No. 6, by Cora Kirchmaier, published in 1919.

I did all the work of going over all the lines of this chart to make it so much easier for you to use. Please do not post this chart on any other web site, Internet bulletin board, etc. Instead, you are welcome to place a link to this page on your web site; you may put the URL address of this page on a bulletin board or email the URL to friends so that they can come here to my site for themselves and benefit from everything else my site has to offer. Food For Thought: This type of common coutesy is something that everyone should practice when at other sites on the Web also (not "taking" [some would call it stealing] someone else's hard work but instead rewarding them for their hard work by pointing other people to that web site). Thank you.

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