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Crocheted Pumpkin Applique Pattern

Designed by Sandi Marshall

Small amounts orange and dark green worsted weight yarn
Finished size: 1 3/4 inches tall (not counting stem), 1 3/4 inches wide, at widest point
Size G crochet hook

You would normally leave a length of yarn end to weave in later to secure the end. If planning to sew the pumpkin applique to another crocheted piece, leave a longer length of yarn end, so that you can use this to sew the pumpkin in place.
Starting Chain: Chain 3.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, 2 sc in next chain. (3 sc)
Row 2: 2 sc in first sc, sc in each of next 2 sc, 2 sc in last sc. (5 sc)
Rows 3 - 5: Sc in each sc across. (5 sc)
Row 6: Sc first two sc together for decrease, ch 1, slip stitch in next sc, ch 1, sc last two sc together for decrease.
Outside Edging: Ch 1, slip stitch in end of each row around outside edge. When you have reached the top on the opposite side (at row 6), ch 1, slip stitch in sc (of row 6), sl st in center sl st, sl st in next sc, sl st in beginning sl st of outside edging.
End off.

Adding the Straight Stitch Accents: Thread about a 12 inch length of dark green yarn on a large-eye needle. To attach the dark green yarn, on the back of the pumpkin, weave the yarn under about 4 partial stitches (so it will not show through on the front), pulling the yarn through these stitches, until the very end of the yarn is even with the first stitch that you threaded the yarn under. Next, thread the yarn around the fourth stitch to tie into a knot. This will secure the yarn end. Now, push the needle through from the back to the front in the spot where you want your first stitch to show on the front. Make small stitches by pushing the needle through from front to back, then back to front, each time pulling the yarn through until the stitch just made is pulled snug. When finished with all these stitch accents, work the thread to the top (on the back side, where this will not show) and continue with the stem directions. If you don't have enough thread left, then reattach a new piece for the stem.
Stem: Attach dark green yarn in the center of the pumpkin top. Ch 4, slip stitch in the 2nd ch from hook, sl st in next 2 ch. Sl st in the same stitch where yarn was attached. End off. Weave in ends.

One Way to Use the Applique: You could add this pumpkin applique to this Leaf Square, for a great Fall or Thanksgiving project. Make it in cotton yarn if you want to make it as a potholder.

Pumpkin Applique Pattern copyright 2000 by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Free for your own personal (not for profit) use only.

Leaf Square Free Pattern
Printing Page for Pumpkin Applique Pattern

Copyright Awareness: Do not sell or distribute reproduced copies of this pattern, including the images, (with or without charge) in any form.

Crocheters on the Internet Need to Know: Redistributing includes photocopies, emailing, posting to Bulletin Boards, posting on another web site, posting to an email list and any other manner of distribution. As with any pattern (free or purchased) that's currently under copyright protection, even if you gave reproduced copies away for free, it would be a copyright violation. What the Law Says

Knowing what would be a copyright violation may be the most important thing that a crocheter on the Internet needs to know! Publishers are taking action against Internet copyright abuses. Online Pattern Piracy Article. In their article titled "Internet Swapping Spreads to Hobbies", News-Journal reported on a couple that was sued for posting copyrighted patterns on their web site. The publisher settled out of court but the couple's computers and scanners were seized.

A Need-to-Know Fact Please note that it is ok to post the URL of the web site where the pattern may be found, but against the law to distribute reproduced copies of the actual pattern in any manner (unless you have requested and have been given express written permission from the designer or publisher to redistribute that particular pattern). Please consider helping in this effort for Copyright Knowledge Awareness on the Internet.

URL of this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/blpumpkn3.htm

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