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Roses Design

Adapatable For Various Needlecrafts

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For a wider project: When you have completed once through the chart, the pattern design can be repeated by skipping the last two blank squares on the right-hand side of the chart and also skipping the first two squares on the left-hand side and beginning again at the first leaf square (on the left-hand side of the chart).

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Roses Design was originally published as a larger filet crochet chart in the book The Ladies World Filet Crochet Book, No. 2, published in the year 1916 (now in the public domain). I recharted a portion of the design to be in color symbols and I created the color example image.

Roses Design color example and the symbols chart on this page are copyright 2003 by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc. Free for your own personal use only. Do not redistribute in any form, even for free. If others would like to have this chart, please give them the URL of this page:
http://crochet.about.com/library/blroses1916.htm ... Thank you!

Just FYI - Per copyright laws, a person can't legally claim any copyright of their own for recharting or rewriting instructions to another designer's pattern that is currently under copyright protection, since variations of that copyrighted pattern are also protected for the copyright holder. You can read for yourself how copyright law protects variations of a copyrighted work, at the U.S. Government Copyright Office web site - http://www.loc.gov/copyright.
If a pattern (copyright before the year 1923) has fallen into the public domain, then new copyright can be applied to variations of (also called derivitive works of) that public domain pattern.

How long does copyright last? See US Government Copyright Office web site at http://www.loc.gov/copyright. Under "Publications" heading, click on "Information Circulars": Circular 15 (Renewal of Copyrights), Circular 15a (Duration of Copyrights) and Circular 15t (Extension of Copyright Terms) will be helpful.

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