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How To Single Crochet Around DC Post

Photos and Instructions

The following photos and instructions show how to single crochet around the post of a double crochet, used when making a round of crochet along the outside edge of double crochet rows.

What is the post of the double crochet? The post is the rest of the stitch below the top loop. Normally, a crochet stitch is made through the top loop of a double crochet but some special stitches and techniques call for crocheting around the post of the double crochet stitch.

Abbreviations: dc = double crochet, sc = single crochet

This photo shows the crocheted piece turned sideways in order to crochet along the outside edge for a finishing round of single crochet. The rows of the piece were made in double crochet (the double crochet stitches are being viewed sideways in this photo). To make the outside finishing round, it is necessary to crochet around the post of each double crochet at the end of each row. Here's how:
SC Around Post of DC - Step 1: Insert the hook into the space below the double crochet that is on the edge of the row (as shown in the photo).

SC Around Post of DC - Step 2: Wrap yarn around the hook and pull the yarn through the space below the double crochet. Pull this yarn loop upward until it is above the double crochet by about the width of the crochet hook (as shown in the photo). This is in preparation to complete the loop as a single crochet stitch. Note in the photo the two single crochet stitches already made around the post of the double crochet that is just before the one now being worked.

SC Around Post of DC - Step 3: Wrap yarn over hook and pull the yarn through the two loops on the hook to complete the single crochet stitch. The photo on the left shows the completed single crochet. I have placed a red rectangle around the post of the next (sideways) double crochet stitch to further illustrate which part of the double crochet is the post of the stitch.

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Pattern using this technique:
Shells and V's Scarf Free Pattern

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