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Small Numbers Charted For Filet Crochet
Could Also Be Used For Cross-Stitch

Recharted from a year 1916 publication

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These charted small numbers will fit within the center area of my Hearts Border With Blank Center design. One idea is to make several, with initials in one and a year in another, to celebrate a year that had a special event for someone or as a gift to celebrate a baby's birth year.

In the link box on the right, there are links to other free charts that are the same size as the Hearts Border With Blank Center and may be useful to combine within a project. The Hearts Border designs could be pretty used as wall hangings, pillow fronts or as part of an afghan.

How to Filet Crochet Basics
Filet Crochet: How To Figure A Starting Chain For Any Chart
Patterns that are helpful in learning how to filet crochet (instructions written out to compare with the chart): Dragonfly Afghan, Antique Spider Design Square (first few rows are a filet crochet mesh, with no chart, just written directions)

The charts can also be useful to cross-stitch the numbers on a single crochet or an afghan stitch crocheted background.

I recharted these numbers from a year 1916 publication (the 1916 publication is now in the public domain because it was copyrighted before the year 1923). The charts in that publication are in blue and white, with no instructions given.

If others want the charts, it would be kind of you to give the URL of this page so that they may come get the charts for themselves and benefit from everything else that this site has to offer. Thank you!

URL of this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/blsmallnumbers.htm

Links to this page are welcome.

Copyright Law Awareness: Current works are protected by copyright even if no copyright notice is displayed on the work. Read more at U.S. Government Copyright Law web site - http://www.loc.gov/copyright

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