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Sport Hat, 1917

Materials Required:

Original directions call for 4 balls Bucilla 8 fold Germantown Ball Yarn in choice of color
2 balls Bucilla Fuzzywool Ball Yarn, white
A No. 7 crochet hook

ch . . . chain
sc . . Single Crochet
s dc . . Short Double Crochet
st . . . Stitch
sts . . Stitches
sl st .. Slip Stitch

Here's a closer look at the stitches in the crown of the hat.

Using main color, ch 3, yarn over hook, draw a loop through center ch, yarn over and through 3 loops on hook (this forms a s d c, short double crochet), 9 more s d c; work around without joining.
Second round: 2 s d c in each st through the thread back of the ch.
Third round: * 1 s d c in first st, 2 s d c in next; repeat from * around.
Fourth round: 1 s d c in each of the first 2 sts, 2 s d c in next; repeat from * around.
Following Rounds: Continue adding 1 s d c on the 6 increasing lines, until in the eighth round there are 6 sts between widenings. Work straight for 7 rounds and then make 1 round of s c, to complete crown.

1 round of s d c increasing in every fourth st; 5 rounds even; end last round with 3 s c and 1 sl st; break off. Using Fuzzywool, sl st with 1 ch between each st of brim, taking up the back thread, then make a round of s c taking up the same sts as in the sl st round. Work 15 rounds of s c taking up both threads of the Fuzzywool; turn white part of brim under and sew to upper part.

BAND: With Fuzzywool ch 5, work in s c back and forth until band is about 26 inches long; finish with a border of Germantown in sl st. BUTTON: Optional Use a wooden mould (substitute a plastic ring), 1 inch in diameter. Ch 3, join, 6 s c in ring.
Second round: 2 s c in each st.
Third round: 2 s c in first st, 1 s c in next; repeat from * around.
Make as many even rounds as needed to cover button. Decrease by skipping every other st.

My HTML arrangement of these pattern instructions (c) 1999 Sandi Marshall

URL of this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/blsporthat1917.htm

If someone else wants the pattern please give them the URL of this page so that they can come here and explore everything this site has to offer, for themselves. Thank you.

The pattern and the hat photo are from Bucilla Blue Book of YarnKraft printed by Bernhard Ulmann Co., Inc. in the year 1917.

Info on Length of Copyright Term Protection for different eras. Copyright Info Links

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