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Hook Size To Use With Thread Size

The following charts can be helpful in deciding upon a hook size to use with a certain size of crochet thread.

This list is for U.S. size crochet hooks. Matching a hook size to a thread size can vary according to the brand of hook and the gauge of the individual crocheter. For this reason, this list can be considered to be approximate but can still be a helpful starting point and will often work out just right.

  • The higher the number of the thread, the thinner it is.

  • A popular thread size for crocheters who are just beginning to crochet with thread, is thread size 10, used with a U.S. size 7 or 8 steel crochet hook.

U.S. Steel Hook Size
Matched To Approximate Thread Size

U.S. Steel Hook Thread Size
14 80 - 100
13 40 - 80
12 30 - 60
11 30 - 40
10 20 - 30
9 20
7, 8 10

U.S. Hook Thread Size
D 5
E 3

Links to this page are welcome. URL of this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/blthreadhook.htm

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