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Tiny Flowers Filet Crochet Free Chart

In the year 1916, this simple flower design was published as part of a larger filet crochet chart in the publication The Ladie's World Filet Crochet Book No. 2 (now old enough to be in the public domain). I recharted this portion of the design, thinking that it would be nice as a filet lace insertion. Crocheted laces are great for adding to clothing, guest towels, handbags, tote bags and more. In my 7/3/2002 article, I gave suggestions for ways to sew crocheted lace insertions to clothing and other items.

When you are crocheting a length of lace, it's often easier to crochet the design sideways, so you can determine the finished length as you go along. That's why I show this chart with the design on its side. Begin at the bottom of the chart. Repeat the chart as many times as needed, for the length that you want.

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I've placed the chart on a printer-friendly page. You can use this same chart to cross-stitch this design in solid color silhouette on a single crochet or afghan stitch background.

Chart and article copyright 2002 Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc. Free for your own personal use only. Do not redistribute (even without charge).

URL of this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/bltinyflowers.htm

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