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From Crochet at About.com: Toy Pony Rocking Horse Design

Created by Sandi Marshall

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This design would be great as the center of a baby afghan. You could work granny square rounds around the outside edge of the finished square, until you have the desired size. Or combine squares of this design, with the rocking horse worked in a different color on each square.

Another idea would be to use the rocking horse design on the front of a tote bag.

You may want to use the chart to cross-stitch the design on a crocheted afghan stitch or single crochet background or adapt for other needlecrafts. The large areas of a single solid color also make this design especially suitable for crocheting the colors in, as you go along. See the link on the right, above, for a how-to on changing colors in crochet.

Chart is free for your own personal use only.

This is my original design. Please respect my copyright by not giving the actual chart to others, in any form, but instead, giving the URL of this page or of my Free Charts Index Page for others to come get the chart for themselves. Thank you!

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