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Black Widow Spider Free Chart, Suitable For Various Types of Needlecrafts

Created by Sandi Marshall

This chart is free for your own personal use only.

To make a crocheted background to cross-stitch the design on, starting chain is 76 chains for single crochet or 75 chains for afghan stitch. Work this background for 75 rows.

Working the Chart in Filet Crochet
For a 4 dc mesh, starting chain is 226, plus chain 3, (which will count as first dc), plus 2 more (which counts as the first chain-2 of the first open mesh). Begin by working a double crochet in the 9th chain from the hook (first open mesh made). Follow chart for placement of solid mesh and open mesh for each row. For a refresher on how to do open and solid mesh, see Basics link below.

Chart is worked starting at the bottom right; work first row right to left. Second row is worked left to right. Continue alternating row directions in this same manner, following chart.

Approximate finished sizes in filet crochet (once through one chart, worked in 4 dc mesh):
With size 5 thread: (720 yards) and a size US 4 steel hook, finished size is about 20.8 inches x 23.8 inches.
With size 10 thread: (641 yards) and a size US 7 steel hook, finished size is about 17.2 inches x 18.8 inches.
With size 20 thread: (602 yards) and a size US 9 steel hook, finished size is about 16.5 inches x 18 inches.
With size 30 thread: (562 yards) and a size US 11 steel hook, finished size is about 15.8 inches x 17.2 inches.
With fingering/baby weight yarn: (1406 yards) and a size US F hook, finished size is about 52.5 inches x 54 inches.
With sport weight yarn: (1631 yards) and a size US G hook, finished size is about 60 inches x 61.5 inches.
With worsted weight yarn: (1856 yards) and a size US I hook, finished size is about 67.5 inches x 69 inches.

With size 5 thread: 5 squares = 1.4 inches, 5 rows = 1.6 inches
With size 10 thread: 5 squares = 1.2 inches, 5 rows = 1.3 inches
With size 20 thread: 5 squares = 1.1 inches, 5 rows = 1.2 inches
With size 30 thread: 5 squares = 1 inch, 5 rows = 1.1 inches
With fingering/baby weight yarn: 5 squares = 3.5 inch, 5 rows = 3.6 inches
With sport weight yarn: 5 squares = 4 inch, 5 rows = 4.1 inches
With worsted weight yarn: 5 squares = 4.5 inch, 5 rows = 4.6 inches

Basics in How to Do Filet Crochet, here: http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa050298.htm

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You may also give out the following URL for anyone who would like to have this spider chart (shows chart for cross-stitch also, with a variation of the border portion): http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa101400.htm - Thank you!

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