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"Ducks and Swan on a Lake" Chart
For Filet Crochet, also suitable for needlepoint or cross stitch.

To do the chart in cross stitch or needlepoint, use one color only for a silhouette scene or add your own creativity by coloring in the chart with colored pencils or crayons per your own imagination and then work from your own one-of-a-kind color chart that you have created.

The chart would work well for making a doily or a wallhanging. If made with yarn, it could be an afghan. The sample shown sewn to a pillow front was made with size 100 thread. You could use various sizes of thread or weights of yarn for making this chart into different types of items. You could also use small sections of the chart for smaller projects (i.e. one duck or the cabin with one pine tree).

You are welcome to print out this chart for your own personal use. Enjoy!

If you run into difficulty printing out the chart from the page containing the whole chart, try the pages where I have divided the chart into four parts, one part per page. You can then cut out the chart pieces from the print-outs and tape the parts together to form the whole chart.

Click on the links below to print out the chart:

Whole Chart (Large)
1: Top Left 2: Bottom Left
3: Top Right 4: Bottom Right

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Chart is from an issue of Star Needlework Journal, published in 1919.

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