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Shamrock Yoke Chart

The 1920 pattern book showed this yoke sewn to a nightgown. A modern use would be to use it as a yoke on a tank top or sundress. Some options would be to add a fabric lining or to make the rows below the shamrock clover all in solid mesh, if desired.

Materials: 1920 pattern book calls for 4 balls of
Dexter "Silko" Cordonnet Crochet Cotton, No. 50 or 60.

Gauge for Chart: Work should measure 8 meshes to the
inch each way. Yoke is made in a size 34 but may be enlarged
by making an extra row of spaces between shamrocks each time.

Chart is worked sideways. Begin at center underarm with 53 ch, working 16 spaces along ch (marked as "Center Armhole" on chart). Follow chart to A, increasing rows at top as chart indicates. When 28 rows have been made, fasten off and make another piece exactly like it, working 1st row along other side of ch with which work was started. This is for back. Connect top points of last row of both pieces with 147 ch, for shoulder strap. Work along row, make 49 spaces along ch, work along row of back. Follow chart, working on both front and back and along shoulder strap, for 4 rows. Work front alone, following chart. Reverse at center for second half of front, working to second shoulder strap. Make back in same way. Join front and back with ch and work shoulder strap same as before. Work to center underarm, on front, then on back, and join under arm. Fasten off.

Edging: Work (1 sc, ch 5, slip stitch in base of ch-5 for picot, 1 sc) in each space around neck, armholes and shoulder straps.

ch = chain
sc = single crochet

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