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Pattern Created by Sandi Marshall

I designed this edging for my Connected Hearts Triangle Shawl. This edging could be adapted to other sizes of triangle shawls or even rectangle shaped prayer shawls.

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Materials Used In The Example: Worsted weight yarn - I used Caron Simply Soft, color Bone in the example and a US size G hook.
Finished Size: When made with the materials listed above, the two rounds of the edging equal about 2 inches wide.
Abbreviations: ch = chain, dc = double crochet, ea = each, hdc = half double crochet, sc = single crochet, sl st = slip stitch

Pattern Directions: Pattern by Sandi Marshall, copyright 2007 by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc. See terms of use below the pattern directions. Please keep the copyright statement with the pattern directions when you print out or save the pattern.
To begin, (with the right side of the shawl facing you), attach yarn in first sc at top right-hand side of shawl.
The photo on the right shows the top left of the shawl, with the first (round 1) loop on that side and the round 2 stitches worked in that loop. This closeup look at the stitches can help you see where the stitches are made for this edging.
Rnd 1: ch 1, sc in first sc, sc in ea sc across top of shawl. Next, ch 6, sc in the stitch at the top of the first dc on the edge, *ch 6, sc in top of next dc on the edge **, repeat the directions between * and ** until you reach the end of this side. To work across the point at the bottom edge of the shawl (on this shawl this consists of 3 dc stitches): ch 6, skip next dc, sc in next dc. Now you are ready to work along the next side of the shawl. *** ch 6, sc in next dc on the edge ****, repeat the directions between *** and **** all along this edge. When you have reached the top edge, ch 6, sl st in the first sc of this round.
Rnd 2: sl st in ea sc across the top edge, then working in the chain loops along the next side: * (sc, ch 3, dc, ch 3, sl st in top of dc just made to form a picot, ch 3, sc) all in next ch-6 loop **, repeat the directions between * and ** as many times as needed to work in all chain loops along two sides of the triangle shawl. When you reach the top of the shawl, sl st in the first sl st of this round.
End off. Weave in ends.

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