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Word Ann for Name Doily or Cross-Stitch on Crochet

Instructions by Sandi Marshall

The chart above can be worked in filet crochet, beginning with the row on the bottom and working up the chart, row by row. Treat the black squares, green squares and the red squares all as solid mesh and the white squares as open mesh. Some of the squares are red and green so that this same chart could also be used for cross-stitch.

Figuring the Filet Crochet Starting Chain for This Chart
I give the starting chain for a 4-dc mesh on each individual letter page of the Checkered Alphabet. You can add these starting chains together for the letters you are using to form a word or name. As shown on each letter page, the basic starting chain is given separately from the turning chain that will make the first mesh of the first row. You only need one turning chain for the whole chart so don't add that turning chain until the end. In this chart, the turning chain is made up of 5 chains.

Here's the way I figured the total starting chain for this chart:
As given on the individual letter pages:
Letter A needs 79 chains for a 4-dc mesh.
Letter N needs 76 chains for a 4-dc mesh.
So for A - N - N, the starting chain needs to be 79 + 76 + 76 + 5 for the turning chain = 236 chains (for 4-dc mesh).
See how it's done? You can form other names or words from the individual letter charts, putting them together for name doilies and figuring the filet crochet starting chain in this manner.

Cross-Stitch: The same chart can be used for cross-stitch. To make a crocheted background the same size as the chart (to cross-stitch this charted pattern on), the starting chain is 77 chains for single crochet or 76 chains for afghan stitch. How did I come up with those numbers? There are 76 squares across the chart. Each square = one stitch. Single crochet needs one chain added for the turning chain but afghan stitch doesn't have a turning chain. If you want to have a background larger than the size of the chart, add additional chains for the extra stitches that you want on both sides, then center the chart design within that area. If you add to the sides, it will look more balanced if you also crochet extra rows that will be before the chart design and after the chart design.

If you want to work the chart in filet crochet, but want to begin on the side edge (which is the left-hand side edge of a chart that is not turned), I've given instructions on the Ann Chart Worked Sideways page, showing the starting chain for this and showing the chart turned so that it can still be worked from the bottom up. That URL is http://crochet.about.com/library/blwordann.htm

Letters forming word Ann charted by Sandi Marshall, using the Checkered Alphabet charted by Sandi Marshall, which was based on antique letter charts. This chart of the word Ann and my instructions are copyright 2008 by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc. Per copyright law, do not redistribute by reproduced copy, in any form and do not reprint on another web site, blog or elsewhere. Instead you may give the URL of the chart page for others to come to this site for themselves. Thank you. Chart and instructions are free for your personal (not-for-profit, non-commercial) use only. You may give finished items made from the Checkered Alphabet charts as gifts but may not sell those items.
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