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Up-Down Stitch How-to

This stitch pattern is formed by working a single crochet in each double crochet of the previous row and by working a double crochet in each single crochet of the previous row. In the example above, I changed colors after every two rows.

Abbreviations (click on links, if you need a how-to)
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
sc = single crochet

Starting chain: Make a chain that is a multiple of 2, plus 1. Multiple of, Explained

Row 1: Sc in the 3rd ch from the hook, * dc in next ch, sc in next ch, repeat from *. Turn.
In Row 2, work a dc in each sc and work an sc in each dc.
Row 2: Ch 2, * sc in dc, dc in sc, repeat from *. Turn.
Repeat Row 2: Repeat row 2 for each row, until you have the length desired.

Crochet stitches photo copyright 2002 by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com. Inc.

URL for this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa010102.htm

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Patterns Designed by Sandi Marshall, That Include Up-Down Stitch:

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