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Joining Crochet Pieces

Ways to Join Crocheted Squares or Motifs

Using a yarn needle ...

1999 S. Marshall
You can use a large-eye needle to sew the edges with a whip stitch. (Note: I've used a darker color yarn for the joining stitches in these examples, so that you can see these stitches easier ... but you'll want to use a color for the joining yarn that matches your squares, when you are sewing squares together.)
Sew through the back loops only. (This cuts down on the bulk of the joining row so that the pieces will lay flat.)
1999 S. Marshall

1999 S. Marshall
I find the easiest way to be to place the squares with right sides together, then work along the edge, sewing though the back loops only of the two thicknesses. When finished with one edge, open the two squares back up and there should be a nice ridge formed along the seam by the remaining front loops.

Using a crochet hook ...

Another way to join is by slip stitch through the back loops only. This is done with the right sides of the two squares or motifs held together. Instead of slip stitch, you can use single crochet (this will form a ridge on wrong side).
1999 S. Marshall

When you're joining pieces that have spaces between the stitches on the last row, you can use chains anchored with slip stitches or anchored with single crochets, as in the example below.

1999 S. Marshall
This example shows a chain 2 in between each slip stitch. Shown is a joining that works well with granny squares. For other types of squares or motifs, vary the number of chains and vary where you place the anchor stitches, to compliment the pieces you are joining.
To make a decorative ridge with your joining row, single crochet through both loops on the right side of the pieces (wrong sides held together).
1999 S. Marshall

Join as you go, on the last round ...

1999 S. Marshall
Motifs with chain arches on the outside edges can be joined on the last round by working half the number of chains in that arch, slip stitching in the matching place on the other motif (to join), then working the other half of the chains in that arch. For example, if the arch is chain 5, you would chain 2, slip stitch in the 3rd chain of the arch on the piece you are joining to, then chain 2 (one joining arch completed).

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