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Filet Crochet Birds Sweater, 1920
Bird Squares for Filet Crochet or Cross Stitch

Make a "Roaring Twenties" sweater, a creation of Adeline Cordet in the year 1920. For charts and full instructions click here.

This can be an all-season sweater. Wear it over a turtleneck in the winter or over a tank top in the summer.

Maybe you'd rather have flowers, a hummingbird or your own favorite animal on your filet sweater. Now that you have the

proportions and guidelines for making a filet crochet sweater, you could substitute a different chart that would fit within the number of squares shown on the birds chart, if you wanted. A little counting of squares and centering the new chart within the birds chart size is all it takes. Or count out number of squares across on a graph and chart your own design for this sweater. Add or subtract squares on each side of the graph, as needed, to make it come out to your own sweater size.

Instructions for Making This Sweater

If you'd rather have a vest, leave off the sleeves. Make it with the collar, as shown or leave the collar off and do a round of single crochet around the neckline instead. Now that your imagination is stirred up, I'm sure you'll come up with other options of your own.

Filet Bird Square: In addition, I've redone part of the birds chart to contain one bird; I also gave it a solid border on all sides. I'm sure you'll think up lots of uses for it. Work the chart in filet crochet or do it in cross stitch.

Filet Bird Chart: To work this in a 3 dc mesh (as in sample above), your starting chain will be 58 chains. Start first row with a dc in 4th chain from hook, then dc in each chain across. To work this chart, in a 4 dc mesh, your starting chain will be 85 chains. Again, start first row with a dc in 4th chain from hook.

Use these bird squares individually or combine them within a project. Make them with thread or with yarn. How about as the center of an afghan, with your own additional combination of pattern stitch rounds to complete it. There's lots of possibilities.

On these charts:
white blocks = open mesh (spaces)
black blocks = solid mesh (blocks)

To brush up on your basics in filet crochet, go here: http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa050298.htm

Bird Filet Sweater Charts with my added instructions are on this page:

The Birds Filet Sweater Photo is from Ripple Sweaters, Yokes and Edgings, Book No. 13 by Adeline Cordet, published by Valley Supply Co. in the year 1920.

This article and my reworked bird charts copyright 2000 by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc. Do not copy onto any other website and do not distribute copies in any other way. Instead, please give the URL of this page to anyone who would like to have the pattern. Thank you.

URL of this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa011500.htm

http://whatiscopyright.org (see section: "Copyrights and the Internet")
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See Vintage Crocheting section for more free old and antique crochet patterns.

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