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Filet Crochet Doily with Cluster Edging

Choose the filet crochet chart you'd like to use for the center of this doily from the variety given.

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This doily is made with a filet crochet center and finished with a cluster edging. The edging is worked in an interesting manner, starting with a "chain" of clusters made by working each new cluster in the end of cluster just made. When you have four clusters in your chain, you then work back down the chain, connecting (with slip stitch) at certain points to the chain just made, after each one or two new clusters. I've put together a how-to, with photos showing each step, to make it easier for you to learn this cluster edging technique.
You also have your choice of filet centers. The photo above shows the design in a 1917 pattern book. There was no chart in that book for the center so, to make it easier for you, I charted it. That chart is shown on the left. I also created more charts of my own design that can be substituted for the center shown in the original pattern. Those charts are shown below.

Materials Needed: Use thread size desired. To give you an idea of finished size: when made with size 10 thread, the filet center portion of the first chart (shown above) measures about 4 1/2 inches x 8 inches (this is not counting the cluster edge).

Starting Chain Chain 10.
Begin to follow chart, starting at bottom right.
Row 1 of chart Chain 5 (counts as first dc and the ch-2 of first open mesh), dc in 9th chain from hook (first open mesh made); (ch 2, skip 2 ch, dc in next ch) twice.
Continue to follow chart.

Help, if needed:
Increasing in Filet Crochet
Basics in Filet Crochet

Charts Which I Designed
Traditional Hearts Stylized Hearts

On these charts:
white blocks = open mesh (spaces)
black blocks = solid mesh (blocks)

Border around finished filet center: When you finish working a chart for the doily center, do not break the thread but continue around the outside edge in single crochet. Work number of single crochet to cover edge without rippling (3 or 4 sc in each mesh end works well, depending on your own crochet tension). Use your own judgement. When finished with this single crochet round, do not break thread but start the cluster edging at this point.

On another page, I've put the
Step-by-Step Photo How-to for the Cluster Edging
Below are the text instructions for this edging.
Cluster Edging Text Instructions:
Row 1 If you have fastened off with the thread, then attach in any stitch on the edge of the doily. Ch 4, then in first stitch of this chain-4, work 2 double treble, keeping top loop of each on the hook and working the three loops off together, forming a cluster (the cluster consists of a chain-4 and 2 double treble). Next, work a chain 4 and 2 dtr in same manner in the top of the cluster just made. Repeat this until you have 4 clusters (each cluster worked in the top of the cluster before it). In end of the 4th cluster, make a triple picot (1st picot made of 4 chains, 2nd picot made of 5 chains, 3rd picot made of 4 chains) fastened in the top of the cluster (see picot explanation below). Turn.
Row 2 Make 2 clusters in same manner as before, fasten with slip stitch between 2nd and 3rd clusters made in previous row. Make 2 more clusters, slip stitch in end (that's attached to doily) of first cluster made in previous row. Next work a single crochet in each of next 2, 3 or 4 single crochet of doily edge (number needed to have a space between clusters that will keep border flat; take care not to let it become too full). I found that I preferred working 4 sc between cluster rows; even 5 sc could work, depending on your crochet tension and size of thread used.
Row 3 Work 1 cluster, slip stitch between the last 2 clusters of previous row. Work 2 more clusters, slip stitch between the next two clusters of previous row; work 1 more cluster, make the triple picot in the top of this cluster. Turn.
Repeat rows 2 and 3 around doily.

Picot = chain 4, slip stitch in base of chain 4 just made or where directions call for picot made with a chain 5: chain 5, slip stitch in base of chain 5 just made. Edging calls for 3 picot made in same stitch (it will look something like a small three-leaf clover).

How to crochet trebles.

The above edging can be worked around any size doily center.

Another Option You could also crochet a base in single crochet for the length desired and then work this cluster edging along that base for a straight edging.

This Cluster Edge Doily design was originally printed in the book Crochet Design by M. Heminway & Sons Silk Co. in 1917 (this book is old enough to now be in the public domain).

My HTML arrangement of these instructions, my added instructions and charts are copyright 2000 Sandi Marshall. Please do not copy onto any other website, Internet Bulletin Board, or distribute in any other way. Instead, please give the URL of this page to anyone who would like to have the pattern, so that they may come here for themselves and benefit from everything else this site has to offer. Thank you. US Gov. Copyright Website FAQ

URL of this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa021200.htm

My Step-by-Step Photo How-to for the Cluster Edging:

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