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Extra Photos to Help In Crocheting Spider Lace

by Sandi Marshall

These photos show how to crochet parts of the spider lace and blocks design, which is used in crocheting a shawl wrap and a scarf. Scroll down the page for step-by-step photos, showing how to gather up the chain lengths in row 7 of the pattern.

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The following photo shows the beginning of row 7. Follow the stitches from right to left on the photo (the same direction in which you would crochet the row). Further explanation for stitches marked on the photo:
  • 1. chain 5 (this counts as the first double crochet and a chain 2)
  • 2. double crochet in next double crochet
  • 3. chain 2, skip 2 double crochet
  • 4. (indicated by the - - - line on the photo. It is the same as step 2.) double crochet in next double crochet
  • 5. double crochet in each of the first 3 chains of the chain-12 (in this part of the pattern, so that the stitches will stay in place, crochet into the chains themselves, not around the chain-12)

    Row 7 (continued) - Next, chain 6, as shown in the photo below:

    Row 7 (continued) - Next, insert hook below the chain-7 of row 4, as shown in the photo below:

    Row 7 (continued) - Next, with the hook inserted through the space that is below the chain-7 of row 4, (yarn strand that you are working with needs to be behind the stitches at the point, as you can see in the photo below), wrap this yarn over the hook and pull the yarn through to the front, as shown in the photo below:

    Row 7 (continued) - Next, pull this yarn strand upward until you have a long loop that reaches to just above the ch-12 of row 6, as shown in the photo below:

    Row 7 (continued) - Next, wrap yarn over the hook, as shown in photo below:

    Row 7 (continued) - Next, draw this yarn through both loops on the hook at the same time, to make a slip stitch that goes around the chain lengths of the three rows. Notice that the loop around the three chain lengths is kept loose enough so that the chain lengths are not pulled together too tightly, as shown in the photo below:

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    Free Patterns Which Use This Spider Lace:
    Spider Lace and Blocks Shawl Wrap
    Spider Lace and Blocks Seaman's Style Scarf
    Spider Lace And Blocks Afghan Square

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