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Remembering Some Late Season Snowstorms

I was working on designing
this snowflake scarf lately ...

but I was thinking it might be too late in the season to put the design on this site ... until I woke up one day last week to

17 inches of snow on the ground

with more snow falling! Nearby areas ended up with as much as 26 inches total.

Looking around on the Web a bit, I was reminded of the Storm of the Century March 12-14, 1993, which dumped snow all along the Eastern United States, leaving 56 inches in Mount LeConte, Tennessee, 36 inches in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, with up to 10 foot drifts and 43 inches in Syracuse, New York (along with varying amounts scattered at all points in between). Do you remember this one? I read about it at the National Climatic Weather Data Center site.

At National Weather Service Sioux Falls we learn that SD had 30 inches of snow to shovel March 1 - 4 in 1985. As late as March 28 (1977), SD skies dumped 4 feet of snow in the Northern Black Hills.

Ok, so many of you could still use this scarf this season. Others of you are probably enjoying Spring where you live; perhaps even Summer, but for the rest of you (myself included), here's a warm snowflake scarf to crochet, so you'll be ready for that next snowstorm!

Snowflake Scarf Pattern

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Snowflake graphics drawn by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Feature and graphics copyright (c) 1998 Sandi Marshall

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