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Beaded Crochet, Crocheting with Beads Methods

Adding beads to your crochet projects can produce fascinating results. Beads can be crocheted into each stitch as you go along, or sewn on later.

Method 1: To crochet a bead into each stitch as you go along, start by deciding how many beads you will need for the patterning that you are visualizing and string the beads on to the thread or yarn before you begin. (If you are using a large number of beads, it may be more manageable to string on one row at a time, breaking the yarn after each row is crocheted, leaving a length for weaving in the yarn ends to the wrong side when the article is finished.)

To work a beaded stitch insert the crochet hook into the back loop of the stitch, yarn over the hook, draw yarn through. This leaves two loops on the hook. Slide a bead up close to the two loops, put the yarn over the hook (from the far side of the bead), draw the yarn through both of the loops. This holds the bead in place on the wrong side of the crocheted piece.

Method 2: You may also want to try your hand at sewing beads on after an article is finished. For the sewing to blend into your item, use as sewing thread the leftover pieces of the yarn or thread that you crocheted your item with. Sew beads on with a half cross-stitch ( / ) with a small-eye or, for yarn, large-eye hand sewing needle. (When choosing beads with smaller holes, you will need to use all purpose sewing thread or beading Nymo thread. For the smaller beads, such as 11/0 or 14/0 seed beads, you may find that a very thin beading needle may be the only needle that can be inserted through these small bead holes.)

The sky's the limit here! One more idea: choose a small, simple cross-stitch pattern and substitute seed beads for the embroidery floss colors, adding beads according to the pattern chart to crocheted items that are made with a "single crochet" stitch, to.....possibly, the pocket of a crocheted sweater ... or to crocheted mittens ... or ... it's your turn to think of something ...

Use your imagination! Once you get into this mode, you may find yourself mentally adding beads to many other crochet patterns that you come across.

Here's a step by step how to for crocheting beaded fringe.

I've put together a listing of links to free patterns, around the Web, for crocheting with beads. Those links are on this page: http://crochet.about.com/od/beadcrochet/index.htm

Happy crochet-beading!


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