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How To Do Swedish Weaving
On A Crocheted Background

© 1999 Sandi Marshall
I was inspired by a vintage book on Swedish weaving techniques done on cloth in the 1950's. Traditionally this was done on a cloth called huckaback toweling, which had vertical loops on one side and horizontal loops on the other. I envisioned a crocheted adaptation of this by crocheting in the back loops only, leaving the front loops to be used for the weaving. I discovered that the weaving was very enjoyable and I like the look it gives to a crocheted piece. Here's a how-to so you can try it too.

Here's a basic pattern which you could use in different ways ... use your imagination.

For example, for a hatband, crochet it with cotton thread size #10 or #20 and continue to repeat the chart for length desired.

With yarn, crochet long panels in afghan length desired and combine these panels with sections of joined squares or with panels made with another crocheted stitch.

How about crocheting a square for a potholder, starting with a chain that's a multiple of 10, plus 1 (then repeat the chart both across and lengthwise).

I hope your imagination is stirred up. Here it is ...

Crocheted Background for Swedish Weaving

Abbreviations used in this pattern:

ea each
ch chain
sc single crochet

Follow this chart for the weaving when your crocheted background is completed:


Note: At the end of each row, you will chain 1 to turn.

Chain 11.
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in ea ch across. (10 sc)
Row 2: (Right Side) sc in first sc (both loops), working in the back loops only for the next 8 stiches, sc in next 8 sc (back loops only), sc in both loops of last sc.
Row 3: (Wrong Side) sc in first sc (both loops), working in the front loops only for the next 8 stiches (front loop as in loop closest to you when you have the wrong side of the piece facing you), sc in next 8 sc (front loops only), sc in both loops of last sc. (Note that all remaining loops in all rows should be showing on the right side of the piece.)
Remaining rows: Continue to repeat rows 2 and 3 for length desired.

(15 rows = once through the chart lengthwise)

If desired, work a round of single crochet completely around all four edges. End off.

The weaving is done using a large-eye yarn needle.

© 1999 Sandi Marshall
Weaving pattern is worked on the center 6 stitches of this 10 stitch section. In this example, the bottom lilac stitching shows the path for the first strand of thread or yarn. I chose to vary it by changing to a different color at the beginning of the next repeat or you can continue in the same color if you desire. For doing the weaving on a worsted weight yarn background, plan on a length of about 1 foot of weaving yarn for once through a repeat for each side of the repeat.

To start following the above chart, in the row that you are beginning your weaving, (reading chart from bottom to top and from right to left) on your crocheted piece, count over from the edge on the right: skip edge stitch that was crocheted in both loops, skip next three stitches that were crocheted in back loop only; insert needle under next remaining loop and begin to follow chart for weaving path.

When that weaving path is completed, start a new one at the bottom of the chart (new one shown here in pink yarn on bottom left-hand side), starting with the next remaining loop to the left of the first loop of the first weaving path. (Refer to chart)

If you run out of weaving yarn before that path is finished or if you want to change colors at any point, just poke the weaving yarn through to the back of the piece, leaving a tail for securing and for weaving into the back to secure tail end. Leave a tail in the same manner for the new weaving strand and bring new strand from back through to the front in same spot where you left off. Continue the weaving path, following the chart.

© 1999 Sandi Marshall

This Crocheted Background for Swedish Weaving Pattern copyright 1999 by Sandi Marshall.
All rights reserved worldwide.
Free for your own personal use only.
Do not redistribute this pattern (with or without charge) in any form.

Instead, please give this page's URL to anyone who wants a copy of the pattern.

(Redistributing includes photocopies, emailing the pattern to others, posting to Bulletin Boards, posting on another web site, posting to an email list and any other manner of distribution.)

Photos and Feature copyright (c) 1999 by Sandi Marshall

Crocheted background is my own creation. Swedish weaving chart I adapted from a weaving on cloth illustration in the vintage book Modern Trends, published 1954.

Bookmark for this feature is http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa032099.htm

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