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Crocheted Towel Toppers!

Three Methods for Preparing the Fabric Towel

Crocheted towel toppers are fun and very practical crochet projects. Below I've written information for three methods that can be used for joining a crocheted piece to a towel.

Method 1:
The following free patterns all use the method of creating holes, evenly spaced, across the towel half, by using a yarn needle to make the holes through the towel for each beginning stitch. The first row of single crochet is then worked in these holes across the towel, so the topper and towel are joined as one piece from the beginning. You might enjoy trying the following topper patterns.

You can find crochet Towel Topper Patterns at these sites on the Web:

Crochet Collection:
Towel Hanger: http://members.aol.com/SAG55/towel.html

Lee's World:

Crochet at About.com:
Textured Towel Topper - http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa011098.htm

Method 2:
Another towel topper method is to first crochet the topper piece and then sew it to the towel when the crocheting is completed. After cutting the towel in half, the raw edge of the towel is gathered by hand stitching or by sewing machine. Patterns for this method usually include a crocheted double flap about 5 - 6 rows wide on the topper so that the towel may be sewn into position in between the double flap (in order to cover and hide the gathering stitches). This method takes more time than Method 1 but a very nice, finished look can be achieved with this and could become your preferred method, if you enjoy sewing, as well as crocheting.

Crochet at About.com:
Bell Towel Topper
Christmas Tree Towel Topper
Stained Glass Towel Topper
Thread TT to Cross-stitch

Method 3: You could use a whole towel, with embroidery chain stitches made across the center, to use for attaching the crochet to the topper, from the start. See that photo tutorial at http://crochet.about.com/od/kitchenpatterns/ss/toweljoin.htm ... click the link named Next under the photos on that page, to see the rest of the photos, which give more details and show how to crochet the first row along the embroidery chain stitches on the towel.

You'll find your own favorite way and your own favorite towel topper pattern.

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