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Joined Motifs Crochet Handbag Design

Easy motifs, made of three rounds each, are joined to form this handbag style. This is a closer look at one individual motif. See photo of handbag shape and pattern instructions below.

I crocheted some sample motifs so I could give you an idea what size the motifs would be in different weights of yarn or thread. This is the motif I made in worsted weight cotton yarn, using a US size G hook. It turned out to be 3 inches square.

This is the motif that I crocheted in size #10 cotton thread, using a US size 8 steel hook. It turned out to be 1 inch square.

You can make the pattern exactly as is or you could always adjust the number of squares you use in each row and also the number of rows you use to make the pattern in order to acheive the size handbag you want.

Motif Handbag Pattern

Materials: Because handbags can be any finished size, you can choose to make your handbag from any size of thread or yarn that you choose, according to the approximate finished size you would like. Original directions called for these F & K Yarn Co. materials (which are no longer generally available but which may possibly be found, on occasion, at antique sales or online auctions): 3 gross F & K Soutache or any of the following: 5 spools of Corde, or 4 gross Ribbonette
No. 5 Bone Crochet Hook used with original materials. Adjust size of hook you use to correspond with weight of yarn or thread you choose to use.
Abbreviations: ch = chain, sc = single crochet, st = stitch, trc = treble crochet
Starting Chain: Chain 6, join with slip stitch to form a ring.
Round 1: Chain 3, 4 trc in ring, ch 2 * 5 trc in ring, chain 2 *, repeat between * 2 more times, join with a slip st, ch 1.
Round 2: * Work 1 sc in each trc, 3 sc under ch 2 of row below *, repeat between stars 3 times, join, ch 1.
Round 3: Work 1 sc in each of the next 6 sc, 3 sc in the next st, * 1 sc in the next 7 sc, 3 sc in the next st * repeat between * 2 times. Join with a slip stitch.
Make 42 Motifs.
Long Narrow Piece: Chain 8 - Work sc back and forth, working in both loops (each row has 7 sc), for about 26 inches. Note: You may need a different length to fit with the finished flap size in the weight of thread or yarn that you chose. This long narrow piece goes along the front flap and loops in the center of the flap around the button (refer to photo).
Finishing: Join 7 strips of 4 squares, 1 strip of 10 squares and 2 strips of 2 squares.
Sew 3 strips of 4 squares together.
Sew 4 strips of 4 squares together, and to one end of these 4 strips join the 2 strips of 2 squares leaving an opening in center.
Sew the strip of 10 squares around three sides of the 12 square piece; then sew on other side leaving the 4 squares with the opening in center for flap.
Now fold the long narrow piece in half and sew around flap crossing it over at center of flap.
Button: Sew on a purchased button or this crocheted button:
Crocheted Button: Chain 6 join with a slip st. ch 4, work 22 trc in ring, place large button mold in the center and work one or two rows of sc around skipping an occasional stitch to hold it solid to the button.

Note: In this 1940's pattern, where it says "sc under ch-2", today the pattern directions would say "sc in chain-2 space".

Methods for Joining Squares or Motifs

Pattern originally printed in F & K Bags, Hats, Mittens, Vol. 25. There's no copyright notice or date of publication in the pattern book but the price printed on the cover (20 cents), the general look of the printing, the hairstyles shown and the style of the crochet directions indicate 1940's. This book is now in the public domain, based on the current copyright law that "works published before 1978 that did not contain a valid copyright notice may be considered to be in the public domain". Note that separate copyright laws apply to works published after 1978. Length of Copyright Protection Terms

My HTML arrangement of these pattern directions copyright © 2000 Sandi Marshall. Please do not copy onto any other website, Internet Bulletin Board, or distribute in any other way. Instead, please give the URL of this page to anyone who would like to have the pattern, so that they may come here for themselves and benefit from everything else this site has to offer. Thank you.

URL of this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa032500.htm

Photos by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com

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