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Vintage Knot Stitch Edging

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ch. = chain
d. c. = double crochet
kn. st., kn. sts. = knot stitch, knot stitches
Note: We don't use a period after each part of an abbreviation these days but pattern books often did in 1920. I left the directions as they were, 1920 style. Referring to the photos will help in making the edging and there are links below to my step-by-step knot stitch how-to's.

Starting Chain Chain length desired.
Row 1 1 d. c. with 1 ch. between, in every second st. of chain.
Row 2 * 5 d. c's. with 1 ch. between, in top of five legs below. 1 kn. st., catch in top of sixth leg, 1 kn. st. * Repeat.
Row 3 4 d. c's. with 1 ch. between * 1 kn. st., catch in top of fifth leg, 2 kn. sts, catch in top of first leg over, 1 kn. st., 3 d. c's. * Repeat.
Row 4 3 d. c's with ch. between * 1 kn. st., catch in top of leg below, 2 kn. sts., catch in knot between loops of kn. sts. below, 2 kn. sts., catch in top of first leg over, 1 kn. st., 1 d. c. in top of second leg. *
Row 5 Make entire row of kn. sts, by twos catching every second one in knot between kn. sts below.

Questions about how to do the knot stitch? See my step-by-step photo Knot Stitch How-to at http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa122698.htm

Also, scroll to the bottom of the Checkerboard Square page, for another step-by-step photo how-to for doing the knot stitch portion of my Knot Stitch Checkerboard Square Pattern. Seeing that how-to will help you in making the edging above. http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa030699.htm

The edging pattern was originally printed in the book Ripple Sweaters, Yokes & Edgings by Adeline Cordet in the year 1920 (now in the public domain).

How long does copyright last? See US Government Copyright Office web site at http://www.loc.gov/copyright. Under "Publications" heading, click on "Information Circulars": Circular 15 (Renewal of Copyrights), Circular 15a (Duration of Copyrights) and Circular 15t (Extension of Copyright Terms) will be helpful.

My HTML arrangement of these instructions copyright 2004 by Sandi Marshall. Please do not copy onto any other website, Internet Bulletin Board, or distribute in any other way. Instead, please give the URL of this page to anyone who would like to have the patterns, so that they may come here for themselves and benefit from everything else this site has to offer. Thank you.

URL of this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa040304.htm

Other free patterns on this site, which use the knot stitch:
Love Knot Yoke with Irish Style Roses
Towel Topper in Bell Shape

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