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"Little Clovers" Edging

This edging could be worked in sport or baby weight yarn or in any thread weight for a delicate edge. Add it to a crocheted piece or crochet it directly into the edge of fabric.

When I first saw it, I pictured it edging T-shirt sleeves. I'm sure you'll have many ideas of your own.

ch = chain,
dc = double crochet
sl st = slip stitch

Note Part of the first clover is made before the edging is attached to anything. If you're making this as an edging to a crocheted piece, you'll need to fasten off and then begin the edging with a new strand so that the directions will work out correctly for you. -- Sandi

Row 1: Chain 4, 2 dc in first chain. * Chain 1 loosely, chain 3 more; 1 dc in the loose chain, 1 slip stitch in the fabric (or in the stitch in your crocheting where you wish to attach the edging), work (1 dc, ch 3, sl st) in the same loose chain as before. Chain 3, 2 dc in the same loose chain as before * (fourth leaf of each clover is worked in row 2). ** Chain 9 for next clover, 2 dc in 4th chain from hook. ** Repeat * to * once. For each additional clover, repeat ** to ** then * to *.

Use your own judgement as to how much space to leave in between clovers on the piece to which you are attaching the edging. Keep in mind that, on row 2, you will be adding a three-leaf clover that will be positioned in the center between two "row 1 clovers". About 5/8 inch between clovers on row 1 is recommended in the original directions for this edging when worked in thread, however, it doesn't say what size weight of thread, so that may vary.

Row 2: Completing lower half of four-leaf clovers: * Chain 3, slip stitch in the same loose chain as before (which is the center of the clover), chain 3, (2 dc, chain 3, slip stitch) in same loose chain as before. Chain 3, slip stitch in edge of last petal of clover (refer to photo). Chain 8, 2 dc in 4th chain from hook, ch 3, sl st in the same 4th chain from hook. Chain 1 loosely, chain 3 more; (2 dc, ch 3, sl st) in the loose chain, ch 3, 2 dc in same loose chain, ch 3, sl st in same loose chain * (one three-leaf clover made). Chain 4, slip stitch in the edge of the first petal on the next clover (refer to photo). Repeat * to * for each additional clover.

This shows what the clovers look like after completing row 1. The fourth leaf of each clover is added when working row 2.

When working an edging on fabric, you can use a steel crochet hook (about size 11 or 12 works well) to poke the holes in the fabric at each spot where you will be crocheting directly into the fabric. It will look best if you have exactly the same amount of space on the fabric in between each clover, so it's a good idea to use a ruler and measure accurately.

Note I added instructions and rearranged the wording from the way the directions appeared in the original 1920's instructions, to make it easier for you. -- Sandi

Pattern originally printed in Kloster Book of Yokes, Corners and Edges, Designs from the Handiwork of Anna Valeire and Emma Farnes, circa 1920's. Length of Copyright Protection Terms

Long photo of edging (adapted) is from the above mentioned publication, circa 1920's. Other photos on this page are by Sandi Marshall.

My HTML arrangement of this and my added instructions copyright © 2000 Sandi Marshall. Please do not copy onto any other website, Internet Bulletin Board, or distribute in any other way. Instead, please give the URL of this page to anyone who would like to have the pattern, so that they may come here for themselves and benefit from everything else this site has to offer. Thank you.

URL of this page is http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa040800.htm

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