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Easy Projects for Beginning Crocheters
With Words Spelled Out, Not Abbreviated,
Basic Stitches and Extra Explanation

These may be helpful as lesson plans to teach others to crochet as well as helpful to beginning crocheters who are learning on their own, using these how-to photos and instructions. To make it easier, I spelled the words out, no abbreviations.

Single Crochet Dishcloth This pattern, which uses only single crochet, is on this page. If you need help with the starting chain, there's a photo how-to for that too. See below.

Doll Blanket Sized for 18" dolls; uses double crochet stitches. Photo how-to's are given for each step, along with extra explanation for beginners. Doll Blanket Free Pattern

Basic Single Crochet Dishcloth

2 ounces worsted weight cotton yarn, any color
Size G crochet hook

Finished size 10 1/2 inches x 9 1/2 inches
If yours ends up smaller or larger, that's no problem ... it doesn't really matter for a dishcloth. Any size is fine.

Gauge 3 1/2 single crochet = 1 inch
4 single crochet rows = 1 inch
Gauge is not that important for this pattern but I've included it in case you want to get used to checking your gauge. (Gauge would be important for clothing or other fitted items where your finished crocheted item needs to end up the same size as the designer crocheted them. So with those type of items your gauge needs to match more closely the gauge of the designer.)

To start:
Leave about a six inch length of yarn before the first loop of your starting chain. Leave this length hanging while you are crocheting the dishcloth. You will weave this length in when the dishcloth is finished. (This is a good way to secure the end so it won't unravel.)

This link will take you to step-by-step photos for How to Make a Starting Chain.

Starting chain: chain 36.
Note: At the end of each row, you will chain 1, then turn the work around to start the next row.
Row 1: Single crochet in the second chain from the hook, single crochet in each chain across. (35 single crochet)
Row 2: Single crochet in each single crochet across. (35 single crochet)
Rows 3 - 38: Repeat row 2.
End off, leaving a length of about 6 inches to weave in. Weave in the ends, using a large-eye yarn needle.

If you have questions, a good place to ask them is the Crochet Bulletin Board.

Dishcloth by Sandi Marshall
Photos by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com. Do not redistribute.

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Crochet How-to's, Some With Step-by-Step Photos

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