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Where to Find Crochet Stitches and Techniques How-to Pages

Each how-to is by Sandi Marshall and has step-by-step photos or includes diagrams.

Stitch or Technique
Click on each title to go to that how to:
2nd Chain From Hook, Explained
Afghan Stitch Decrease
Afghan Stitch Increase
Asterisk (*) In Pattern Directions
Basics for making a crocheted piece "from scratch"
Back Loop Only
Beaded Crochet
Blanket Stitch For Edging
Brick Stitch How-To
Bullion Stitch
Butterfly Stitch
Chain: Join to Make a Ring
Changing Colors in Crochet
Changing Colors How-To (Photos)
Changing Colors: Hints (Photos)
Changing Colors in Double Crochet
Circle, Basic (With Open Center)
Circle, Basic (With Solid Center)
Cluster Edging Photo How-to
Cluster Stitch (2 DC)
Cluster Stitch (4 DC)
Cluster Over Skipped Stitches
Crazy Shell
Crochet Around Closed Circle
Crocheted Beads
Crochet In A Chain Space
Crochet In Fabric Edge
Cross-over Long Double Crochet
Cross-over Shell Stitch
Cross-Stitch on Single Crochet
Cross Trebles
dc in chain 1 space
dc in ch-1 (another photo)
Diagonal Shell
Double Crochet (dc)
Draw Up A Loop
Embroidery, Lazy Daisy
End Off; Fasten Off
Fabric Strips, Preparing
Filet Crochet Basics
Filet Crochet - 3-dc Mesh
Filet Crochet Chart: Starting Chain Formula
Filet Crochet; Increasing
Front Loop Only
Half Circles
Half Close a Stitch
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Herringbone Double Crochet
Hexagon Shape Granny Motif
Hexagon Half Granny Motif
Hook Size For Thread Size
Joining Crochet Pieces
Joining 6-Sided Motifs
Join to Form a Ring
Knot Stitch (Lovers', Solomon's)
Lacet, Stitches Above How-To
Long Single Crochet
Marguerite (Star)
Moss Stitch
Multiple Of (Starting Chain)
Oval Shape
(Parenthesis) In Pattern Directions
Pattern Directions - Photo
ch 2, skip 2 dc, sc in ch-1
Pattern Directions - Photo
dc in ea of next 4 sc
Picots: 3-Picot Group How-To
Pineapple Motif (Basic)
Pineapple Stitch (1917)
Popcorn Stitch
Post of a dc - What is it?
Post Stitches (Front/Back Post)
Remaining Loops (using remaining loops of starting chain)
Reverse Single Crochet
Rick Rack, Crocheting On
Roll Stitch
Ruffling Basics
sc 2 sts tog
sc around dc post
Shell Stitches
Single Crochet (sc)
Skip A Stitch
Slip Knot
Slip Stitch
Solid Shell Stitch
Star Filet
Star (Marguerite)
Star Stitch 2nd Row
Starting Chain
Symbol Patterns, Key to Basic Stitches
Towel Topper, How to Join Crochet To Towel
Treble Stitches
Treble Treble, Triple Treble
Triton Shell (My Version)
Weaving in Ends

Note: I update this chart each time I add more pages of stitch and technique instruction to this site. -- Sandi

Step-by-Step Text How-to's:
How to do the Crazy Shell, Diagonal Crochet (also called Corner Start), Crocheting Beaded Fringe and more.

Crochet Help For Very Beginners

Free Crochet Patterns Master List A-Z Links

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