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Filet Crochet, Worked in Rounds

While filet crochet is most often seen as a square that's crocheted following a graph that's worked from the bottom up, it can also be worked in rounds.

Click on the photo to go to the free chart:

This is done by starting in the center, with a chain that is slip stitched together to form a ring. On round one, the corner spaces are formed. An example of a corner space would be to (dc, ch 3, dc) in each corner space. The corner spaces are the key to making this work, for although the design is worked in the round, the finished piece turns out to be a square.

The chart for this is 1/4 of the design, which is then repeated around.

Click here for the instructions and full-size version of the "Blocks and Stars" filet crochet chart that I designed so you could try this technique. -- Sandi

Photo of Tablecloth made from these squares.

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