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Crocheting Cables

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There are many cable variations. On this page you'll find step-by-step instructions, with photos, for crocheting one of these variations.

First, here are directions for a cable done over six stitches. (Step-by-step photos below.) For this cable you will have already worked a number of foundation rows of post stitches over the six stitches (worked front post on right side of work and back post on wrong side of work). The number of post stitch rows you do as a foundation depends on the length you want the cable to be in between where the cable crosses.

Directions for cross cable row: (for a six stitches wide cable) skip next 3 sts, tr ps around each of next 3 sts; working behind last 3 sts, fold last 3 sts forward, tr ps around each of 3 skipped sts.

tr ps = treble post stitch, yarn over 2 times, insert hook around stitch same as for front post stitch, complete as a treble stitch.

Here it is again, Step-by-Step:

Cable Step 1: Skip next 3 stitches, treble post stitch around each of next 3 stitches.

Cable Step 2:Working behind the last 3 stitches, fold last 3 sts forward, tr ps around each of 3 skipped stitches. (For each tr ps, step 1): yarn over 2 times.

(For each tr ps, step 2): Insert hook around stitch same as for a front post stitch.

(for each tr ps, complete as a treble stitch): yarn over, draw loop through around post (there are now 4 loops on hook), yarn over again and draw through 2 loops (3 loops remain on hook), yarn over again and draw through 2 more loops (2 loops remain on hook), yarn over again and draw through 2 remaining loops (1 loop remains on hook). This completes a treble.

A cable worked into a pattern will have other types of stitches on each side of the cable. This example shows half double crochet stitches (hdc) next to the cable, along with more front post stitches forming a pattern design.

Also, the cable can be crossed pointing either towards the right or towards the left, by working the skipped 3 stitches either behind or in front of the 3 already worked stitches in the cross-over row.

The cable is an essential element of Aran Crochet, where you will find many cable variations, along with other texture stitches (bobbles and popcorn stitches to name a few). Now that you see how cables are made, these other Aran Crochet resources may be of interest to you:
Cables Afghan Square Free Pattern
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How To Crochet The Popcorn Stitch
Post Stitches (Front/Back Post)

Photography copyright by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com

All text and photographs on this page are copyright 1998 by Sandi Marshall. Do not redistribute, in any form.

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