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Ways to Use Crocheted Holiday Squares

Crochet square in multiples, varying colors, for making into a festive pillow.

Use as an afghan square for a Holiday Friendship Square Exchange, if you have joined one.

Make two squares, in cotton worsted weight yarn, with 2nd square in solid color for back; join the two squares by working through both thicknesses, with a row of single crochet, then add a crochet-covered plastic ring in one corner and you've got a holiday potholder.

Make in #10 crochet cotton, with a size 8 steel hook; add a gold hanging cord, for a tree ornament.

Any other ideas?

Snowflake Square Pattern
Designed by Sandi Marshall

If you enjoy crocheting with multiple colors, crochet colors in as you go along. If you would prefer, crochet a solid color square in single crochet or afghan stitch and then, cross-stitch the design on, in yarn, with a large-eye needle.

Worsted Weight Yarn: The Christmas Glitter yarn with silver thread running through the colors looks great in this pattern.
1/2 oz. green
1/2 oz. white
small amount red
Size G crochet hook

Finished size: about 6" square

Note: At the end of each row, you will chain 1 to turn.
Starting chain: ch 22
Row 1 on chart: sc in 2nd ch from hook. sc in ea ch across. (21 sc) (This is a wrong side row.)
Row 2:On chart, start following color placement. Follow this row from right to left. (right side row)
Rows 3: Follow this row, left to right.
Rows 4 - 21: Continue following chart in this manner.
After all rows on charts are completed: End off. Attach color C in any stitch. Work an edging row around the square in single crochet, working (2 sc, ch 1, 2 sc) in each corner.
End off. Weave in ends.

Pattern copyright July 1997 by Sandi Marshall, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Free for your own personal use only.
Pattern is not to be sold or redistributed in any form. All rights reserved worldwide.

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Printing Pattern: To print the pattern and graph without having to print the rest of the feature, go to: Page for Printing Pattern Only.

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